Why doing Valentine’s Day on a budget shows you really care

How much do you plan to spend this Valentine’s Day? Before you whip out the credit card, ready to wine and dine your loved one, it’s worth thinking about the message that doing so will send. Does it take a fancy restaurant to show someone you love them? Or can you share your feelings more effectively on a budget?

How much do we spend on Valentine’s Day?

The price of romance varies considerably from country to country. In the US, the average person spent over $164 on Valentine’s Day in 2021. In the UK, however, the average spend was just £23. Even accounting for the exchange rate, that’s quite a difference!

But how much do you really have to spend to show you care?

Can spending less say more?

It’s easy to splash out on a pretty bunch of flowers or an enormous box of chocolates. However, the amount you spend on Valentine’s Day doesn’t automatically show how much you care. In fact, doing Valentine’s Day on a budget can push you to be more creative and come up with something more meaningful and memorable.

Booking a top restaurant for Valentine’s Day, for example, can be eye-wateringly expensive. It can also feel painfully clichéd, as you cram inside for an evening of enforced romance alongside countless other couples. How about creating a restaurant at home instead or packing up an indoor picnic to enjoy in front of the fire? You can fine tune the menu to suit your loved one’s precise preferences, baked heart-shaped cookies or learn to make a delicious new cocktail, personalizing the experience far more than a restaurant could.

The same is true when it comes to the card. Shop-bought cards are all well and good, but creating your own card, perhaps with flowers you’ve pressed or printed pictures of the two of you, using your own design, shows you’ve put in far more thought and effort.

You can also impress on a budget by overhauling your usual look. According to a survey by All Things Hair, 54% of people are planning to try a new style for their Valentine’s Day date this year. Trying something new doesn’t have to cost a penny and it can speak volumes about the fact that you’re making the effort when it comes to looking your best.

Even flowers don’t have to cost you anything. A few wildflowers that you’ve gathered yourself and presented in an upcycled jam jar tied with a pretty ribbon can be far more meaningful than a plastic-enshrouded bunch that anyone could have picked up at the nearest florist. For added romance – and if the February weather permits! – build a woodland walk into your plans and gather the flowers along the way. Maybe even pack a mini bottle of fizz and a couple of glasses to enjoy at a scenic spot mid-stroll.

Whatever you’re planning this Valentine’s Day, remember that there’s no direct correlation between romance and expenditure. Relaxing, thinking creatively and putting your heart into what you do is far more romantic than simply opening your wallet.

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