Why Christmas Is My Favorite Holiday

I Love All the Beautiful Lights

One of the best parts of the Christmas season, in my opinion, is admiring all of the lights that neighbors string around their houses. I love driving around town to judge everyone’s creative displays, and to attend the annual tree lighting in front of city hall!

Nothing, however, is more rewarding than putting up my own decorations, which are, in my humble opinion, the most charming and elaborate of the block.

Sledding and Hot Cocoa

Something else I’ve adored since my childhood is sledding!

There is something absolutely magical about waking up to the first winter snowfall. When the sky is full of chilly little flurries, I rush to get my sled out—it makes me feel like I’m a child again!

Afterwards, it’s time to inside and prepare a big mug of hot cocoa. Everyone I know has their own special recipe, and I’m no exception; I add whipped cream, giant marshmallows, and a sprinkle of cinnamon!

Bulky, Layered Clothing is the Best

Thicker clothes are my favorite. Not only are they more comfortable to wear than shorts and t-shirts, but they allow me to hide parts of my body that I’m not too happy about.

For years, I’ve thought hard about how best to improve appearance, and have decided to take matters into my own hands without exercising and dieting, which aren’t all that reliable: I’m going to try CoolSculpting so I won’t have to worry anymore. The layered clothing will help hide my recovery, and the procedure itself will prevent future fat gain, so I’ll be able to devour my mother’s famous Christmas casseroles without an ounce of regret!

It’s Shopping Spree Season

With the holidays around the corner, there are bound to be some truly amazing Black Friday sales! It’s freeing to be able to save money I worked hard to earn, which is precisely why this time of year is my favorite to go to the mall.

Even better is that, if I’m not feeling up to getting lost or trampled in the insane Black Friday rushes, I can simply shop for everything online! Thank heavens for the conveniences of modern technology.

It Feels Amazing to Exchange Gifts

I can’t get enough of gift exchanges! It is beyond refreshing to show my love for my friends and family through generosity. The best way to go about exchanging gifts, of course, is to keep a list of things people want so that, when the holidays arrive, you know exactly what to buy.

A few of my friends have criticized me for being materialistic, but gift exchanges are more about giving than receiving, especially during Christmas, which is a time of love, kinship, and unforgettable communal feasts.

Listening to Classic Holiday Tunes

Many people are easily annoyed by Christmas music, but I happen to like it a lot. In fact, by the end of November, I’m usually playing holiday radio all day, whether at home or in the car!

Some older songs bring back wonderful memories, which is why I’ve been using my record player to listen to Christmas songs. In my opinion, vinyl records are much better than digital recordings—they sound crisper and more authentically vintage. Holiday jazz is among my favorite genres, and mellows me out perfectly when paired with a tall glass of eggnog!

Many Tend to Be in a Better Mood

‘Tis the season to be happy.

It’s so nice to see all of my friends and family members grinning during the holidays; spirits are high for everyone! Socializing around this time is especially rewarding, because your loved ones are more willing to listen, and your friends are likelier to take the time to bond with you.

Is there anything not to love about Christmas?

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