Why Businesses Should Choose VPS bitcoin Hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS has now emerged as a better alternative for small and medium enterprises since it addresses the limitations of shared and dedicated web hosting services. While it is a more expensive option, VPS offers the best value as it covers a lot of the deficiencies of the cheaper alternatives. This can make a lot of difference when it comes to the performance and success of your online business.

A virtual private server is created through software partitioning, and this process effectively “subdivides” the layers, and each of these layers is entirely independent of each other. We can, however, compare the operation of these layers to a network of servers. This type of hosting service is better than the shared or dedicated hosting solution, and companies would usually invest in one for its unmatched control and flexibility. With the increasing popularity of VPS nowadays, you must include this in your range of options when it comes to the most appropriate web hosting for your business.

Security Profile of VPS Plans

VPS is considered the safest and most secure hosting platform today. Unlike other web hosting platforms used in businesses, VPS does not require users to share the server space with others.

Under the VPS platform, you share the resources on one single server with other users among multiple virtual servers. This translates to safer and more secure hosting environments for you and other users within the server. Professional VPS Hosting providers like also ensure more security with an extra layer of encryption from payment to usage. They ensure privacy and security to effectively foil any hacking attacks or unauthorised access to highly sensitive and confidential information and data. Bitcoin hosting offered by is based on Bitcoin payments. This way, charges and registration are entirely anonymous.

You can simply register with any name or nickname. No verification is needed. Thanks to Bitcoin payments, your true identity can always remain hidden.

On top of this, you can also access your dashboard and cPanel via Tor browser. The Tor browser is a web browser designed for anonymous web surfing. It offers a technology that bounces traffic through “relays” run by thousands of volunteers worldwide. These relays make it extremely hard for anyone to identify the source of the information or the user’s location.

Affordability of VPS Plans

Being expensive does not necessarily mean that it is not cost-efficient. While we are looking for ways to cut costs amid the tight situation in the business environment, a web hosting service may be one of those aspects of your business where cost-cutting measures may do more harm than good. Contrary to common perception, VPS is not an expensive web hosting alternative. A VPS plan with the standard tools and features needed for launching and managing a website is relatively affordable compared to other web hosting solutions.

Flexibility of VPS Plans

There are no restrictions in VPS when it comes to installing scripting platforms, which the web host may not support. This is possible under VPS as the control of customised installation is handed over to the users by giving them access to the entry of root access. With this authority, users can make the necessary installation and configuration of the software. This makes VPS a favorable web hosting alternative for advanced developers. Additionally, users are not limited to the basic program that the shared hosting service provider provides. With a VPS hosting solution, users can install any programs themselves provided that it is compatible with the host’s operating system. servers are using DigitalOcean cloud infrastructure. Therefore they guarantee the same advanced features with 99.9% uptime, automatic security updates, and worldwide datacenter locations. You can tailor the server configuration to match your needs exactly.


VPS is the safest and most secure hosting platform these days. It’s affordable and offers highly advanced privacy-focused features. With their wide variety of plans, they are perfect hosting solutions for any online project. Thanks to the flexibility provided by bitcoin hosting VPS, you can set up your server and upscale it anytime you want.

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