Why Are Concrete Buildings More Popular in the Western States?

It is more than apparent that the newest houses in states like California, New Mexico, and Arizona are primarily made from concrete. If you check at this website you can find the right contractors who deal with all the details around the specifications of such a house and the permits you need to obtain from the state to start building it.

Concrete buildings have been the market standard for European countries, where most of them have to deal with devastating earthquakes every once in a while. The same applies to western states where the Saint Helen’s Rift is close to all the big cities around the Pacific Ocean. Here is why concrete buildings have become more popular than the ones using plywood and other plastic materials. 

Concrete Buildings have been cheaper than plywood in the long run.

Every person that has built a home with concrete and stainless steel has paid more for it. However, in the long run, the expenses are minimal for the maintenance compared to plywood which has been the traditional way to build houses in urban and rural America. After several decades concrete buildings will have fewer damages to their exterior walls since they are most of the time covered with stucco that makes them more protected from adverse weather conditions. Not to mention that replacing plywood can take more than three days, while removing the old stucco to place the new one may only need one single afternoon. 

You can pay less for home insurance

Concrete buildings have strong foundations and columns. That is the highest anti-earthquake mechanism you could possibly have. Countries like Greece, Turkey, and Japan, where earthquakes happen more often, have concrete buildings as their standard for residential and commercial properties. That makes them less vulnerable to collapse after a quake and gives insurers better incentives to lower the premiums on their home insurance contracts. It’s a great effect that applies to all these houses and can make your monthly payments a lot more affordable for you and your family. 

Fire Extinguishing and Preventive Mechanism is More Efficient

Wooden homes have their limitations concerning the fire extinguishing mechanisms that prevent the creation and proliferation of fire. These homes are more vulnerable to start a fire and be totally burnt. That is not the same for the concrete houses that have extended fire extinguishing and preventive mechanisms. All the water pipes for the fire alarm system can be integrated into the concrete ceilings and stay in place for as long as you wish without threatening to soak your premises. 

They can Last for Many More Years.

Concrete buildings indeed last a lot more than wooden ones. That can be proved from the existence of concrete buildings in Paris made through the last years of the 18th century. They need less maintenance than the other types of buildings and have a better reaction to air pollution and corrosion. 

People were reluctant to pay more upfront to have a concrete house than entering into a traditional wooden one without expecting bigger expenses in the future. The more concrete buildings get elevated in America, the lower the cost will be for most homeowners. Today more constructors turn to concrete buildings since they want to provide the best selling solution to their customers. 

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