Which type of metal is right for your Ring

Selecting the perfect ring can be quite an overwhelming task. And one of the very important things to decide is the type of metal you want the ring in. With so many different metal options available out there, determining the right metal for your ring can get a little confusing. 

From gold to platinum, from silver to palladium, there is a metal for everyone and every kind of budget. To help you through this important decision, we have broken down the most popular metals for different types of rings for you. 

  1. Gold: Gold is the most common choice of metal for rings. It is a classic choice for engagement and wedding rings. The metal is traditional, popular, and adds an air of luxury. While you can always go for the traditional yellow gold, the metal also comes in alloys such as white gold and rose gold that is also insanely popular. Gold alloys are a better option for rings as pure gold is too soft for jewelry making. Gold alloys make it possible to make cheaper gold rings with a gold ring under 5000 rupees also. Over time, with usage, gold may show abrasions and scratches. However, the repair and maintenance of gold is easy. White gold rings may require some additional upkeep and are more expensive than yellow gold.
  2. Platinum: Platinum is considered the most precious of all metals. It is one of the rarest metals in the world. It is not just a luxurious choice of metal but is also one of the strongest precious metals available. Platinum is a great option for rings. It will hold the precious stones of the ring in place for a lifetime. This longevity of platinum makes it a high-cost metal. The metal rarely gets damaged in regular everyday life and retains its color. Platinum’s shine won’t fade out over time and any scratches can be polished right out by your jeweler.
  3. Palladium: Palladium is a metal that is similar to platinum, featuring a white hue and shiny finish. However, it is not as expensive as platinum. While palladium is not as durable as platinum, it is pretty close and is ideal for anyone who wants that mirror-like finish for less price. The metal is also lightweight, hypoallergenic, and comfortable. However, it does show scratches and can be tricky to resize.
  4. Sterling silver: Silver is amongst the longest-standing metals used in making jewelry. It was once considered more valuable than gold. In today’s market, silver is one of the most affordable metals. Pure silver, like pure gold, is also too soft to be used on its own for jewelry making. The metal is mixed with copper and other metals to create a more durable alternative known as sterling silver. It is one of the most popular choices for anyone seeking a luxe look at a lower price. However, the metal can get scratched easily. Silver is also prone to tarnishing and may need a lot of care.
  5. Titanium: Titanium is a that’s incredibly strong and lightweight at the same time and is perfect for regular wear. The metal has a very modern and unique look. Titanium is scratch-resistant, easy to maintain, and requires no extra care to keep it looking beautiful. However, titanium has its limitation for rings. Titanium cannot be resized so you need to be sure of the size of the ring.

Now that you know all about these metals, make sure you think it through and make a decision. It is important to invest in a metal that you can take care of once you purchase so it lasts long in perfect condition!

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