Which Scrap Gold Buyers Are Right For You?

If you have unwanted scrap gold and silver in your home, there are a variety of options for you. There are local jewelers, pawn shops, and other gold dealers. But which of these options is right for you? Let us discuss some options. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when dealing with these gold dealers. In the end, finding the right gold buyer is easier than you might think. Keep reading to discover how to find the best gold buyer for your needs.

Abe Mor

Abe Mor is a renowned jewelry brand, known for its distinctive diamond cuts and high-quality pieces. The founder of the company was born in Israel, during a period of turmoil, when he first started working on bench polishing diamonds at the young age of thirteen. His apprenticeship honed his skills and ignited a passion for diamonds that would remain with him throughout his life. His steadfast commitment to excellence and the pursuit of the ultimate customer has earned him a worldwide following.

The Abe Mor scrap gold buyer offers a higher price for scrap gold than other online “cash for gilded jewelry” companies. Whereas most online “cash for gold” stores pay 50 cents for every dollar of scrap gold, Abe Mor offers up to 75 percent of the scrap value of gold jewelry. Additionally, it buys gold jewelry with broken stones and diamonds, and will even pay for small diamonds in jewelry.

Pawn shops

If you have gold jewelry, you’ve probably considered selling it at a pawn shop. Although the price of gold jewelry varies depending on its condition, you can expect to get between fifty and seventy percent of its scrap value. Sadly, gold jewelry is rarely made from pure gold, because it is too soft and prone to scratching. Most gold jewelry is made from a combination of gold and other metals, like sterling silver or 14 karat gold.

Not all gold buyers pay the same rate as other buyers, and it’s important to check their licenses and reviews to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company. Always look for a Better Business Bureau listing to make sure the place is legitimate. Check the Better Business Bureau to see if other customers have had bad experiences with certain businesses. If you’re unsure of the legitimacy of a gold buyer, read the complaints filed against them.

Cash for gold shops

When selling your gold, you can expect to receive about 40% of its scrap value, while jewelry and coin shops will pay around 70%. However, it is important to note that the value of fine jewelry is likely to be lower. If you want to sell your gold for cash the maximum amount, it is best to shop around for the best price. However, you must be aware of the risks of selling your gold to the wrong places. You should always do your research before handing over your precious metals.

You should also keep in mind that selling your gold at a pawn shop usually involves a high-pressure sales process. While many pawn shop workers are honest and trustworthy, others are not. Some may be eager to offer you a low price, and expect negotiations to occur. In such a case, selling gold online is a better option. Here are some tips on negotiating with pawn shops to get a fair price.

Local jewelers

You can sell your gold jewelry to local jewelers for fast cash, if you have an unused item. These stores are often willing to test items to determine their gold content. In addition to local stores, some national buyers advertise on TV or online and will send you an envelope to mail in your unwanted gold. If you have a ring, earring, or necklace, there are several methods you can use to sell gold.

The first option is to visit a jeweler in your area. They usually offer a better price than pawn shops. It’s a good idea to shop around and find out how much your unwanted jewelry is worth. In addition to pawn shops, jewelry stores also have scrap buying programs. You can also check with the American Gem Society for a list of participating jewelers in your area. In the Washington, DC area, two examples of local jewelers are Nelson Coleman Jewelers and W.R. Chance Diamond Jewelers.

Online buyers

If you have unwanted gold, you can sell it to online scrap gold buyers. These companies pay you fast, and you can get rid of your unwanted jewelry without the hassle of removing and selling it. Plus, the online process is free from risks and requires minimal effort. Online scrap gold buyers can also buy dental scrap, broken jewelry, and other items with gold content. However, before you sell gold, you should learn a few things. These tips will help you sell gold to a gold buyer.


First, find out the karat number of your scrap gold. This information is stamped on your gold piece. The higher the number, the better, as only 24kt gold is pure. A 22kt gold piece has 91.7% gold, and a 10k piece contains 41.7 percent gold. In addition to knowing the karat number, you also need to know the type of gold you have. Gold pieces are commonly mixed with other metals. To determine the karat value of your scrap gold, check its purity and total weight.

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