Which is the Best Slots Layout?

When you take your seat in the casino at your favourite slot machine or prepare for a solid evening in with your laptop and a great slots site, it is important that you get everything right and comfortable so that you can play at your best and win the highest jackpot in slot games!

If you sit there with a cool drink, next to your best slot game buddy, on a machine or online slot game that you can trust, you are not just having a good time, you are preparing yourself in every way to be the most focussed and win!

This is why determining the best slot game layout for you is so important. If you do not choose the best slot layout then you could lose it all, but getting the right slot layout will put you at the top of your game – play at Daisy Slots.

What are the Main Types of Slot Layout?

Maybe it has gotten past you before, but there are so many types of slot layout that it can be impossible to not only know what the best one is but to actually know what they all are!

We are here to keep you in the know so that you can play at the best of your abilities, so, here are the main slot layouts.. the well-seasoned slot gaming veterans reading this might know one or two!

  •         The Classic 3 Reel – Our humble origins of slot gaming started with a simple 3 reel slot layout. This one has not really stood the test of time, but if you want to go back to the roots of casino games then you need to see the classic layout.
  •         5 Reel Slots – The most common form of basic slot layout will have to be the 5 reel slot. This is an adaption of the 3 reel slot game, but with, you guessed it, two extra reels to get lucky on!
  •         Themed Slots – Themes of slots do not change the structure of the 5 reel slot machine but they do change the layout to whatever they are trying to portray.
  •         Jackpot Slots – Interested in a progressive jackpot or a set jackpot? Alternate between these slot game layouts to mix up the equation!

Which is the Best Slot Game Layout then?

Our list of the most common slot layouts does not include every one that has been made because companies are always coming up with new and interesting ways to play.

However, out of these most common slot layout types, which is the best, and what one should you play?

Slot Layout Type Their Attributes
3-reel classic slots There is a reason this layout is no longer common and that is because it might be a little too simple!
5-reel slots The natural development of slot layouts has produced 5-reel slots, they are good but they could be lacking in gusto.
Themed slots If you have a favourite book, game, or film then maybe you want to check out this layout.
Jackpot slots For the player with their eyes on the prize, you need to be playing this slot game layout.

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