Which country is best for MS in data analytics?

Data is the novel language of the business world. In this dynamic and highly competitive landscape, data is imperative to run a business successfully and gain an edge over others. Interestingly, data is everywhere and has become a key player in shaping major business decisions.

The world is witnessing rapid business digitalisation, making data analytics one of the most in-demand jobs globally. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the job outlook of data analysts is projected to grow 20 per cent between 2018 and 2028, much faster than average.

Analysts also predict that the world will have a considerable number of job openings by 2026. Thus, it is the right time to jumpstart a career in data analytics. Pursuing a master’s in data analytics can be a game-changer for your career in the internet age.

Best country to pursue MS in data analytics

When researching for the best data analytics courses, you will find that many countries offer this trending programme. However, an unbiased person will suggest Germany for pursuing a data analytics degree. German data analytics degrees are competitive and have a better return on investment.

Germany ranks among the top destinations in the world for data analytics courses. Besides competitive and internationally recognised data analytics degrees, Germany has a plethora of advantages to offer to its international students.

This blog will help you discover the top advantages of pursuing data analytics in Germany. Check it now!

Advantages of studying data analytics in Germany

  1. Innovative research landscape

It may surprise you, but the first research university was established in Germany. In fact, Germany is still a global leader in the field of research. Germany’s data analytics courses offer a well-rounded education in analysing large sets of statistical data.

  1. Affordable course price

The cost of attending a top-notch German university appeals to a large number of international students. In fact, students just need to spend EUR 12,000 to earn a data analytics degree in Germany. Some public universities in Germany also provide analytics degreesaccessible to international students.

  1. Good in terms of cost

Financial constraints stop many students from making an international career, but Germany is budget friendly. The cost of living in Germany is relatively lower than in the United States of America and Canada. An international student has to spend EUR 350 a month for university halls and EUR 500 a month for a room in a shared house.

  1. High-quality education

Germany is one of the best countries to earn a data analytics degree with many leading universities. The US News and World Report shows that Germany ranks third globally with the best education system.

That’s not all. Germany has a robust economy that provides graduates with unparalleled opportunities. After completing the degree, students can land well-paying jobs in several multinational companies. German companies also offer an excellent work-life balance to their employees. What are you waiting for? Apply to the course in Germany’s Berlin now!

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