Where you can find a suitable room for rent

It is hard to find the right place to move into when you are in a big city. Many companies and landlords are trying to get the best from the deal. They use the advantage of providing rental services in areas with higher demand. When you’re looking for suitable options, you’ll find that most apartments or rooms come with no furniture. You can rent a place for a specific amount of time, for 12 months minimum. 

For instance, you can move into an empty room at the edge of the city. It will be the most affordable option, but also the most expensive in the long run, and, no doubt, a stressful one. You will have to think about how to buy and deliver furniture for your new residence instead of getting accustomed to the city. Outpost Club solved this issue. Now you can rent a private room in The Bedford Brooklyn for a comparatively similar price including all utilities. 

The advantage of living in the Bedford House

You will get a private room with full-sized beds, desks, closets and a 55-inch TV. You can do the laundry in the basement, where the washer and dryer are located. The Bedford house also includes coliving rooms. It means that you will share them with other people. As you can see, the Outpost Club is more like a community rather than an average rental company. You will become a part of it, if you wish, and get new acquaintances and friends as well. Here are the coliving rooms available in the house:

  • Living room – a space equipped for leisure and relaxation. There are comfy couches and a 55-inch TV. Here you can relax after work or studying, talking to your new neighbors. 
  • Kitchen or dining room – has everything that you need to feel like at home. All amenities such as cookware, electric stoves, etc. Included. The full list of what you can find in the kitchen is on the official website
  • The bathrooms – the house has enough shared bathrooms to avoid long queues. 
  • The laundry room – as mentioned before, you can wash your clothes with comfort in a basement. There are enough washers and dryers for everyone.
  • Backyard – you can also relax in the fresh air in the backyard. The company made sure that the space is equipped with enough seating and furniture. 

As a side note. If you are not that social and not prepared to share rooms with others, coliving will be difficult for you. Maybe you will like it later, but it is up to you to decide.

How to get a private room in the Outpost

You will have to fill out the form in order for the Outpost team to provide you with the most suitable options. You will be contacted within a day. After they will check your background. But don’t worry, it is for your own safety. No one wants to share a roof with unchecked and suspicious people. If you are a decent person, there will be no problem at all. After that, there will be the payment of invoices and all related procedures. You can move in right away after the payment.

If you choose the Outpost Club services, we hope that you will quickly adapt to the environment of a new city. What else can make this happen faster than a comfortable place to live?

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