Where Do Pokemon Toys & Vivid Voltage Booster Box Come From?

There is a gap in Pokemon World that doesn’t seem to bother young people at all. In fact, I never hear their questions. Instead, they just seem to be expecting new monsters. True fans in this sense have no critical questions about the background of Pokemon toys and respond with surprise and great enthusiasm to each generation created. In a very real sense, Pokemon, although it may try to get out of it, is not a story.

The animation episodes are just a few generic dramas and rivalry throwing game laws and the history and history of them and the situations around Pokemon itself and its surroundings can never be explained. Don’t think I’m criticizing at a time when fans don’t like to think about things like this.

 I think the creators of Pokemon have transmitted their idea enough that they are satisfied. Perhaps for most fans, asking tough scientific questions about Pokemon is like asking a kind of fairy tale question or asking where the dragons came from.

For an older generation, however, Pokemon gives us a science-fiction that leaves us unanswered for dissatisfaction. While Pokemon may be a myth for young people, for us older people it smells like Jurassic Park or something like that. Whatever it is, it is science fiction and we hope science fiction will have a basis and explanation. There are no two Pokemon, but for a very simple reason which I will explain.

First, the game ‘Capsule Monsters’ was based on the first Pokemon concept, Santoshi Tajiri’s concept of collecting insects, of which he was Aficionado. He had a game, and he had a vague idea about collecting insects and instead of collecting insects he asked “Why not monsters?” The ‘Battles’, though more brutal than conceivable, undoubtedly come from the insect fights that the boys are involved in.

Since it was a game and not a story or a movie, Taiji no longer saw the need to develop the concept. The merchandisers did, however, and had to make a preliminary decision on how to create the look of the monsters. I don’t know if Tajiri cooperated in this matter or not, but they decided to make Pokemon look soft, cute, or handsome without being afraid. After all, Pokemon will contribute a lot of popularity in the future.

Pokemon Powers and Pokemon Body

Many of the great Pokemon cards for sale released have great Pokemon power and Pokemon bodies. From the first day of Blastoise’s “Rain Dance” to the present, where Claddell has dominated all decks, including his “Cosmic Power” Pokemon Power, there has always been a deck that relies on these abilities. Find Pokemon that have Pokemon power or Pokemon company, they probably won the card.

HP (hit points)

The more HP Pokemon have, the harder it will be to knock out. This means it will be able to attack your opponent more often than any Pokemon with low HP. You shouldn’t have high-quality HP to look for on any card, but when comparing two cards with similar attacks, there may be a better card with more HP.

Miscellaneous Vivid Voltage Booster Box of Pokemon Sword and Shield – 36 Pack

The unique new Amazing Pokemon bursts with a rainbow splash on the scene, with more Pokemon VMX … the glamor, the majesty, the delightful wonder that is Gigantamax Pikachu!

I hope this article has educated you and given you some insight into the world of Pokemon cards. You should now be able to see your cards from another card once to say which cards are “good” and which cards are very rare.

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