Where can I watch streaming movies for free?

Although I have already published several posts on the subject, I continue to receive messages from friends who ask me the same question: “Where can I watch streaming movies for free?” . It therefore seems only right to return to the issue and draw up a new list of sites that allow you to watch streaming movies legally: fortunately there are quite a few … even if – I warn you – you shouldn’t expect too much.

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Free streaming services are supported only by advertising revenue and, having no big giants in the audiovisual sector behind them, they struggle to offer content comparable to those of Netflix, Infinity or other paid video on-demand services. in any case, do not worry, you can still find a lot of valid content. Read on and you will immediately realize it!

Whether you are a fan of horror films, action films or a nostalgic old made in Italy comedies, you will surely find something for you. All you need is an average fast ADSL connection (2 Mbps in download should be enough for playing standard definition content) and any popular browser, like the one you are probably using right now. Good vision!

MyMovies Live

MyMovies Live is a legal streaming service that is divided into two parts, one free and one paid. The free one is structured as a sort of virtual cinema: to see a film you have to book your seat in the “room” (knowing that places are limited) and you have to connect to the site on the day and time in which the “screening is scheduled” “Of the work. The paid version of the site, on the other hand, follows all the typical mechanics of video on-demand services, where in exchange for a monthly or weekly fee (starting from € 1.99 / week) you can watch all the films in the catalog without seat or time limits.

If you want to try the free version of MyMovies Live, connected to the main page of the site, click on the Activate a free profile button located at the top left and fill out the registration form to create your account. Subsequently, click on the Live Film item located at the top left and book a place for the film of your interest.

The films “projected” on MyMovies Live come from some of the most important film festivals in the world and can be both in Italian and in the original language. The service is accessible only from a PC using any browser with Flash Player support.

Are you a fan of old movies? Can you chew some English? Then you definitely need to bookmark . This service, which has the ambitious goal of preserving collective memory by making films, books, music and other content no longer protected by copyright available to the public, hosts a rich film section in which you can find many films to see and free download.

Unfortunately the films, besides being very old, are all in their original language… and there is still nothing in Italian! If this is not an obstacle for you, connect to , choose the film genre of your interest from the right sidebar and click on the thumbnail of the film you want to watch. It’s all free.


Perhaps not everyone knows this, but the Rai website hosts a section entirely dedicated to cinema ( Film ) in which all the most interesting films broadcast on the group’s broadcasters are uploaded every week. The contents are freely accessible in on-demand mode from any computer and from the RaiPlay app , for smartphones and tablets (where, however, a short free registration is required to access the films).

I would also like to point out the  Rai Cinema website which hosts some unreleased films made specifically for the Web. There are some extremely well made and original.

Also not to be underestimated are the websites of Mediaset , La7 , TV8Cielo and other free broadcasters that allow you to watch their channels in live streaming on the Internet. I told you about it in more detail in my tutorial dedicated to free TV streaming .

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