What’s the Cost of Bekin Moving Solutions?

It is a company which helps businesses and people to move their stuff from one place to another. All-inclusive services are offered for relocations like unloading, loading, arranging items, unpacking, moving, and loading of the items that are to be shifted. It has been 129 years since the company started and they have worked tirelessly to perfect their moving services. Their number one goal is to make their customer’s move efficient, easy, and simple. You would hardly find a company that could compete with Bekins. This website will give you a complete understanding of why you should choose Bekins.

The cost of Bekins Moving Solutions

If you need a convenient and fast estimate for your interstate move cost then you should start with a ballpark moving estimate. You are provided their full-service move calculator which can prove to be the perfect tool for you if you wish to start planning your move and have an idea of how much it could cost. The estimate of the out of the state moving is determined by various factors, although primarily it comes down to the weight of your belongings and the distance they would need to be transported. If you want additional services they offer options in your ballpark moving estimate.

Moving estimates can help to get your move, get moving. Knowing what to expect in case of price can help you decide a moving date and what your budget allows and what services you would need. No matter how far you go Bekins ensures a smooth move no matter what. If you entrust them with a prized possession of yours they would stay with it for the entire trip and make sure it’s safe and sound until they are back at your care.

They excel at full-service interstate moves and they also offer you the convenience of online ballpark quotes which can help you to know if a full-service move is in the cards for you or not.

Some of their notable features are as follows:

  • Instant online quotes
  • Advised discounts
  • Low-cost moving supplies

You can get many discounts which further reduces the cost of your move and some which are given on this website as follows:

  • When you move outside of peak moving season Bekins gives you a $150 discount. Many movers, however, tend to offer similar discounts for moving outside of summer months which is usually busy, and a few advertise exactly how much you would save if you move when it’s the off-season.
  • They offer huge special discounts to its party organization’s members, of which the biggest perk is up to $100000 in free full replacement value protection. The party organizations are Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, the National Association of Senior Move Managers, and National Active Retired Federal Employees.
  • Bekins offers partial packing options which would better fit your budget and needs and according to stats you can save up to 60% on the packing costs which is a huge deal.
  • If you opt-out of packing services completely, even then you can turn to many Bekins Moving Solutions agents and they would offer moving supplies and boxes at a discounted rate. The discount depends upon the size of the boxes and depending on that you can save up quite a lot of money as compared to when you buy boxes from any home improvement store. Although you should keep in mind that not all agents offer boxes at a discounted rate.

A roundabout estimate of their cost is shown below:

Low-end estimate                                High-end estimate

Basic move               $4340.14                                                $5217.19

Move + partial            $5363.76                                                $6496.59

Based on the ballpark estimate, the cost of your move can be anywhere between the price range of $4340.14 to $8009.53 which mostly depends on the services required according to you.

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