What you need to know about electric car wash machines and their prices in Kenya

There has been a surge in the purchase of car wash machines in the recent past.Both electric and petrol-powered car wash machines have seen an increase in demand. Electric car wash machines are easy to use in that you only need a power outlet and you’re ready. We use electric car wash machines both in homesteads and for commercial purposes.

When shopping around for a car washing machine, you will come across electric car wash machines. They are an option that requires an electrical connection. You may wonder what the price of an electric car wash machine in Kenya is. There several factors that will determine the price differences between the petrol-powered car wash machines and the electric-powered car wash machines.

Some features of the electric-powered car washing machines are;

Features of the electric-powered car wash machines

  • Electric powered motor

An electric-powered motor requires an electricity connection. The motor will then drive the expulsion of the water and soap to the surface that is to be cleaned. The power of the motor will determine the water. The higher the power, the higher the water pressure.

  • Portability

A good car wash machine should be portable. Portability ensures you can clean the car or other surfaces easily. They fit wheels on the electric car wash machine to ensure you can move the machine from one point to the other. It is easy to clean large vehicles such as lorries for commercial uses.

  • Length of the hose

The hose length of the electric car wash machine is adequate for cleaning. A longer hose means you don’t need to drag or push the machine around In the course of your cleaning activities.

  • Water pressure

The water pressure the machine can produce will determine the price of the electronic car wash machine. A high-pressure machine is recommended for commercial purposes and is more expensive. We advise a machine that produces lower pressure for domestic purposes and is relatively cheaper.

Disclaimer: since the water pressure of commercial electric car wash machines is high should be used with skilled labor. Water at high pressures can damage surfaces if not properly handled.

Benefits you will get from an electric car wash machine

  • Quiet engine operation

We know electric engines for their quiet nature. This makes it suitable for people who would love to noise pollution and are health conscious. Electric-powered engines are also more power conservative and efficient. Their prices will, however, more expensive compared to the petrol-powered engines.

  • Consumes less energy

Electric motors are more energy-efficient compared to petrol-powered engines. Since they are not petrol-powered, they do not use pistons that are susceptible to friction and eventual maintenance costs. And you can feel better about yourself since electric motors reduce the amount of carbon you produce.

  • Simple to maintain

Petrol-powered engines require constant maintenance because of the friction between the engine parts. Since the electric-powered motor has fewer moving parts, the maintenance cost is low. TLC is used to maintain electric-powered motors.


When shopping around for a car wash machine, you need to consider pioneer car wash machine price in Kenya while evaluating the features of the machine. The use in either commercial or domestic will determine the price. Investing in the right machine will ensure optimal operations.

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