What to Look for in Quality Caskets for Sale

Caskets are at the centre of any funeral service. They allow the bereaved to show their final respects by giving their loved one a decent send off that fits their personality and how they lived their life.

However, choosing the right casket for your loved one can be a tasking activity. In between dealing with the grief of loss and the trouble of making the right decisions, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed with all that might be going on. Moreover, caskets don’t come cheap, with decent caskets ranging anywhere between $600-$6,000. This might make it a bit challenging to work around your set budget.

To help make this period a lot less overbearing, we’ve prepared a list of tips that will help you find quality caskets for sale.

1. Check on the Seller & Service Charge

There are plenty of casket sellers in the market. You can buy a casket at a funeral home, online, stores like Costco, or independent vendors.

When buying online, it’s better to find a casket that you like physically then search for a similar one online. If you choose the funeral home option, check on the service charge, as it may drain your budget. It’s best to visit independent sellers and physical casket showrooms to check the baseline price before deciding where to make the purchase.

A good place to start is Titan Caskets so feel free to check out their website to see more options of what they have available.

2. Consider the Materials Used

Wood is the most conventional material used for casket making. You can pick wood laminate, fiberboard, hardwoods like walnut and mahogany, or opt for cheaper softwoods.

If you want something more durable, you can choose metals like copper, stainless steel, and bronze. However, these materials often fall within the premium section and may cost more than wooden caskets.

Options like bamboo, seagrass, rattan, and banana leaf casket cater to the needs of sustainability enthusiasts. However, there are newer, more modern options like fibreglass caskets finished with faux marble or faux wood.

3. Size of the Casket

As you may expect, a casket is not a one size fits all kind of situation. As such, you will need to shop with regards to the size of the deceased.

A standard casket ideally fits anyone 6’10’’ tall and weighs 350lbs. It is possible to find vendors specialising in oversized caskets or have one custom-made. Additionally, remember to check the vault size with the cemetery to avoid any inconveniences.

4. Consider Your Loved One’s Wishes

The quality of the casket is only as good as how it reflects the deceased’s wishes. What would they have wanted? Giving your loved one a befitting send-off is also a form of closure for you. To achieve this, consider your loved one’s style and personality. For example, a reserved person may not appreciate an excessively decorated casket. On the other hand, the casket may suit someone who was known to have a loud and boisterous personality.

Winding It Up

When looking for a casket, your needs vary compared to others. The above tips give you a starting point to finding the best casket. As difficult as it might be, starting early by asking for quotes from different vendors is the key as it will give you more time to make a well-informed decision.

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