What to Consider When Choosing the Best Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

If you are building and repairing appliances and the quality and consistency of the result matter to you the most, you should start using an adjustable torque screwdriver. Over the years, torque screwdrivers have replaced the traditional screwdrivers for good because they offer precision and ease user ease. Regardless of the type of tasks you do, the adjustable torque screwdriver will provide you the edge to achieve optimum product quality.

What is the importance of adjustable torque control in the screwdrivers?

As the name suggests, these precision screwdriver bits can be operated with the torque’s help attached to them. The Adjustable torque screwdriver’s torque is designed to shut off automatically when the desired torque has been achieved. When the screwdriver gets the optimum torque values, you will be notified with a sound. Such type of adjustable torque screwdrivers is designed to tighten and loosen screws precisely. The clutch torque mechanism will offer enhanced reliability and durability to the users. With the help of the index holding feature, the user will be able to fasten screws effortlessly. Torque measures the rotational force applied to the fastener, and when less torque is used, the screws will break free. However, too much torque can also damage the fastener, and thus the adjustable torque screwdriver will ensure that your assembly runs smoothly.

What are the factors to consider when choosing the best adjustable torque screwdriver?

There are many adjustable torque screwdrivers available in the market these days, and you will have to select the right one based on the assignment you have in hand. So, before going shopping for the best torque screwdriver, you need to ask the following questions to yourself just to narrow down your options:

1)  Accuracy

The general standard of accuracy for torque driven screwdrivers is around +/-6%, and if this seems fine to you, you will not need to look further. But you will have to check whether the accuracy percentage is mentioned in full-scale value or indicated scale value. If it is a full-scale value, then the screwdriver will produce the most accurate results when the maximum torque is applied, and then the accuracy will keep on falling as the torque is reduced. The best decision would be to opt for an adjustable torque screwdriver as the precision screwdriver’s readings will be within the quoted accuracy percentage of the screwdriver.

Once you have got this figured out, you can determine the accuracy levels if 10-20 pounds of the thrust apply in the calibration.

2)Easy to use

Start by assessing the handle’s diameter to understand how easily the torque can be applied to the screwdriver. If you have to regularly use the adjustable torque screwdriver for fulfilling your professional duties, you will need a compact and lightweight screwdriver, which you can carry everywhere. It is also important to check the screwdriver’s handle to determine whether it provides the right grip for fastening the screws.


Regardless of the type of adjustable torque screwdriver you choose, it should be calibrated and tested with at least 10 pounds of weight. Screwdriver makers either verify it themselves or outsource the service from another business. However, based on professionals’ experiences, you should consider screwdrivers tested and confirmed by the manufacturer, as those usually have consistent calibration levels.


While considering essential parameters before buying an adjustable torque screwdriver, you should also calculate the ROI you are expecting from the tool. To do so, first, take a look at the warranty provided by the manufacturer, as it will tell you about the durability of the screwdriver. Since it is also an investment, you should weigh certain factors, like the additional tools you need to operate it, the number of cycles it can endure, etc.


Now let us a few minutes to understand how suitable the adjustable torque screwdriver will be for you. For instance, if the grip is small, then you would need to apply more torque to get the desired outcome and vice versa.

If there are still some questions in your mind and want them answered before buying the best torque screwdriver set, check out Jakemy, and feel free to send your queries. Jakemy manufacturers best adjustable torque screwdriver that will help you in building and repairing appliances. 

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