What is the difference between cannabis and marijuana?

Cannabis is commonly referred to as marijuana. However, there are several other ways to refer to cannabis. One of them is Cannabis. I will explain in detail why it came to be called so.

Cannabis has many names do you know in some places its called marijuana, and in other places it’s called cannabis. You can get detailed information about Marijuana and Cannabis from Exotics dispensary.

So what is called marijuana or cannabis? This article explains the difference in how cannabis is called. In addition, there are various names other than marijuana and cannabis, so I will explain them thoroughly!

There Is No Particular Difference Between Cannabis And Marijuana!

Cannabis grass, sometimes called cannabis or marijuana. I am wondering what kind of difference the name will change.

But, In fact, there is little general difference between cannabis and marijuana. The reason is that both are made from the same cannabis plant.

Then why is it called differently? What about names other than cannabis and marijuana? There are various theories, bu the two major ones listed in the following items are classified as typical reasons.

Confusing? Two Reasons Why Cannabis Is Often Called!

Not limited to cannabis and marijuana, it is said that the total number of cannabis names exceeds 1,000. There are two main reasons.

The first reason is Cannabis has been used for so many purposes around the world since ancient times is.

Even in Japan, the morning was used for various purposes such as clothing before the enforcement of the Cannabis Control Law enacted in 1948. Even now, it is used as a thread or rope for legal purposes, and hemp seeds are contained in Chichimec pepper.

The second reason is that the names are categorized based on the THC content. I will tell you the reason for this later.

The name changes depending on the area

Cannabis has been used all over the world for a long time. Since it is used all over the world, the name will inevitably differ depending on the country or ethnic group such as English or Spanish. It seems that the name has various origins.

Also, if prohibited by law, jargon or code so that you do not know cannabis It may be called differently.

  • Ganja
  • 420
  • Mary Jane

The above three also apply to this case.

What is THC? The name changes depending on the THC content

THC is an abbreviation for tetra-hydro-cannabin.

THC is a type of cannabin oil, a cannabis-derived ingredient that has a psychoactive effect. The higher the THC content, the higher the psychoactive effect, and the more likely it is to become so-called “high”.

The THC content varies by type of cannabis plant, with some being less than 0.3% and some being up to 40% depending on the site.

The following two are characterized by different THC content from marijuana. It will be explained in the next item together with other names.

  • Hemp seed
  • Hashish

Thorough Explanation of the Seven Names of Cannabis! What Are The Differences, Meanings, And Origins Of Each?

It is said that there are more than 1,000 names for cannabis, but in this article, we will focus on the following seven names that are particularly well known.

  • Marijuana
  • Cannabis
  • Hemp seed
  • Hashish
  • Ganja
  • 420
  • Mary Jane

Some of the above seven have the same meaning, while others have different meanings. Also, since there are various names, I will explain each one properly.

[Marijuana] The most major way to call cannabis!

Marijuana is called “dried cannabis” in Japanese. As its name suggests dried cannabis flowers, leaves, stems, etc. are generally called marijuana.

It is said that “Maria Juana”, which is named after a woman, has become marijuana because it is often refined from female flowers.

Marijuana is now well known for its luxury use, but it is also used for medical purposes.

[Cannabis] Scientific name that refers to the whole cannabis

Cannabis is the scientific name for the cannabis plant Cannabis sativa or cannabis indicia, named after Kannabis, which means tube in Latin and Greek. Since it is a scientific name, there are cases where this is called the official name from marijuana.

Cannabis not only dried cannabis after harvest but also cultivated cannabis. Countries where possession of cannabis grass is legal are often referred to as cannabis rather than marijuana, which have the image of a crime.

The following hemp is also a type of scientific name Cannabis sativa, but be aware that there are cases where only cannabis grass, which is a marijuana, is called cannabis to distinguish its use.

[Hemp seed] THC content is very low!

Hemp is a type of cannabis plant, but it is very different from the cannabis plant that becomes marijuana cannabis. That is the THC content.

Typically Marijuana has a THC content of 15% or more, but hemp has less than 0.3%is. In other words, hemp has little psychoactive effect when compared to marijuana.

So there are more countries where hemp is legalized than marijuana.

Seeds are “seed” in English. In other words, hemp seed is a cannabis seed called hemp. If you have only seeds, you will not be guilty of it in Japan, but please do not possess it to avoid misunderstandings.

[Hashish] THC concentration is very high!

Marijuana is made by drying the flowers and leaves of cannabis grass, while hashish is made by drying the resin of cannabis grass. For cannabis grass resin The THC component is more concentrated than the rest, and its content is close to 40% there seems to be some that go up to. In other words, it has the highest psychoactive effect among marijuana species and is likely to become so-called “high”.

As you know, possession and cultivation of cannabis grass and dried cannabis (that is, marijuana and cannabis) is prohibited by the Cannabis Control Law. So please be careful not to use it.

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