What Is Photo Restoration?

Photos have undoubtedly been one of the greatest inventions in history. Having the possibility of immortalizing moments through images and being able to meet family members, we would otherwise never have seen something unique.

But how sad it is to lose those photos with sentimental value. There are hundreds of reasons why this can happen. With the passage of time, environmental factors and even many photos are damaged by being stuck to the glass or plastic in which they were framed.

Fortunately for us, the photographic industry has advanced enormously and today there are large companies dedicated exclusively to restoring photographs that we thought were lost.

What is photo restoration?

As the name implies, photo restoration is the process of bringing back to life those images that were thought to be lost. This process allows us to remove stains, wear and tear, improve the brightness, color and ruined details of an image.

It is a process that allows reversing the deterioration of an image, either by the passage of time or by the adverse conditions that a photograph on paper may have gone through.

In addition to the damage to the image quality, restorers can repair physical damage such as tears. If you have old black and white photos, they can be converted to color. If the photo is tiny and you wish to enlarge it, this can also be done.

Digital restoration

It is important to emphasize that we talk about digital restoration because the work is not done directly on the original image on photographic paper. Instead, the photo to be restored is scanned and digitally edited using programs such as Photoshop. The digital photograph is not altered in any way.

The good thing about the process being done digitally is getting several copies. So you can choose whether to keep it digitized or print it and then frame it.

Which photos can be restored?

The restoration possibilities are immense. It all depends on the type of company you hire. There are photo restoration companies that offer premium services, and they will include all the services mentioned in the previous point. Not only that, but they will even be able to frame your photo so that you can preserve it over time.

Historical Image Restoration

Image restoration specialists are not only dedicated to restoring photographs with people. Utilizing specific techniques they can also restore landscapes, buildings, etc.

Do restore photos look natural?

Many people wonder if the restored photos look like the originals. This will be directly influenced by the person you hire. An expert will know how to maintain the fidelity of the image and will adapt the colors to the context and historical moment in which the image was taken.

Always be sure to ask for examples of previous work. This will be the main guideline to ensure that your image looks exactly as you want it.

Why restore my photo?

The best way to immortalize an event in history is through photography. Thanks to the restoration process, you will ensure that your future children or grandchildren will be able to know their ancestors. It is a way to keep the memory alive.

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