What Is NEP 2020 and How Will It Impact High School Students?

The Indian Education System went through a remarkable change on 29 July, 2020 due to the historical decision taken by the Union Cabinet which was the introduction of New Education Policy (NEP). Some of the major reforms in the new educational structure were introduced on this day.

New Education policy also known as NEP can be referred to as the strategic and holistic approach which introduces reforms or changes in the existing Indian education structure. Various fields such as the experiences, research work, the feedback of the stakeholders and shareholders and also the learnings from the successful practices or policies of the government are taken into consideration.

As time is passing, digitalization is taking place and the new education system is at par with the existing technologies. Today’s centuries teachers need to be enlightened by the modern teachers who are more equipped with the practical knowledge. Through the new education policy, the overall development of the teachers could be done and there would be a system where the teacher’s performance could be tracked and also performance appraisal can be done. Practicing all this can definitely create a huge impact on the education system.

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What does NEP offer?

NEP can be a boon for all the students. It follows by the motto which says, “No child shall be left behind”. The policy is aimed at creating a bridge and fill the gaps that exist in the existing education system.

Some of the major reforms of National Education Policy 2020 can be listed below:

  • The existing education system is to be divided into four phases. The phases can be referred to as 5+3+3+4. There are names assigned to these phases which are the foundation phase, preparatory phase, middle and secondary education phase.
  • Importance to one’s regional language is also given ad there are instructions to teach the mother tongue languages till standard 5.
  • Practical aspects of things are chosen rather than the theoretical aspects. Training and mandatory internships are to be provided to the students from class 6.
  • There will be a 4-year bachelor program rather than 3 year which would provide a huge scope to the students.
  • If a student who was not able to complete a degree or they left it in between then such students would be able to complete their degree even after a break.visit here to know more information : catmovies

How is the NEP different from the previous scenario?

The new Education policy is different from the old one in various ways. It is built on the grounds of equality, fairness and justice. It is constantly aimed at providing the students its services without any biasness, on equal grounds. The amendments made in the NEP 2020  definitely look promising and is targeted towards providing a better picture of the future.

All the initiatives and plan as mentioned and declared by NEP provides a clear image and is consisting an objective that no child shall be dropped behind and is aimed at promoting the Indian education system globally.

Reforms regarding higher education

NEP introduced various reforms, let’s discuss about the key reforms which this policy has to offer us.

  • Universities and colleges

Taken into consideration, the problems that are currently prevailing in the Education systems of India NEP 2020 aims at creating a totally new and energetic system which would overhaul the problems such as poor employment rates and highly fragmented education system in India.

  • Restructuring and Modification of education industries

A group of tasks to work together and effectively need to be organised. NEP 2020 aims at ending the defragmentation that exists in the education system. They are aimed to transform the Universities into larger institutions which would have a capability to intake more than three thousand students and hence promote it globally.

  • Adopt a holistic approach

NEP 2020 advocates a holistic and strategic approach to be adopted in the current education system. It’s driven to focus more on the practical side of learning and promote the arts and culture of our country. Practical and vocational learning would provide the students the golden opportunity to actively engage and connect with the practical aspect of the things.

  • Promoting High Quality Research

A country which invests in the research field is the country which flourishes and develops more. NEP 2020 knowing the importance of research has opened various opportunities to the students to involve in the knowledge creation process and help in creating a rich and vibrant economy.

Impact on high school students

The Indian government has opened various opportunities for the students to learn and grow in the future. NEP aims at improving the education system in terms of both quantity and quality and hence would work efficiently and effectively.

Hence, the new education policy would open doors for the skill development and helps in improving the competency of the high school students, thsu making the students ready for the technology driven futures so that the students can become future leaders.

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