What is an Order Form and Why Include it in your Company’s Catalog?

I just opened a catalog for a computer store and, surprise; I dropped an order form on the table. How long has it been since I met one of them! So much so that I hardly remembered what they were like or what they were for.

As I imagine that the same thing would also happen to you, I thought it might be a good idea to investigate a little about it, and discover why it might be interesting to include it in your company’s catalog.

As you know, a catalog is a document that shows an ordered list of elements belonging to the same set, which, due to their number, require that cataloging in order to facilitate their location. The commercial catalogs stand out at this point, which are precisely the ones that you usually find in your home mailbox.

But what is not so common is to find an order form in them OR how to create an order form?Obviously, for something essential: they are companies or physical stores, that the customer must go to them and visit them to buy those products that interest them, yes, it may be the case that you can also visit their Web pages and do not have to move to their locations, in this case, we recommend that you include a small form with a special offer to be exchanged through your online store or website.

What is an Order Form and what does it Consist of?

With the arrival of the Internet, it is quite likely that, today, you are very familiar with everything related to forms:

  • We need a form to be able to comment on a news or article on a blog
  • With a registration form we can register in our favorite social network
  • Or through an order form we can acquire that video game that they have just launched in a rigorous exclusive

In the case of the order forms that we can find in the catalogs, let’s say that it is practically the same, but instead of being virtual it is physical; In other words, you can touch it, and above all you can write on it, yes, by hand! (Even if you don’t remember how it was done, especially if you are used to using the computer and its keyboard a lot).

With the order form we offer the customer the possibility of choosing which products from our catalog they wish to buy, even indicating a payment method or giving us their contact information and address of receipt of the order and then pay it on delivery.

This form usually looks like a postage-paid postcard, or if the process can be completed online, it should contain a special offer to motivate the reader to enter, leave their details, and redeem the offer.

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Why is it so Important to Include it in your Company’s Catalog?

Taking into account that, probably, the objective or the main function of the catalog is the sale of products or services, there is no doubt that including this order form may be useful to facilitate the purchase and sale of them. That is, we are allowing you to order our products directly through that document, and then send us by mail, fax or even email.

Of course, it may be the case that we are faced with clients who do not waste time filling in the form, but it may be even more likely that they will finally use it as a guide to place their order online or by phone.

What if we Make the Order Form Virtual?

Let’s say that this point ties in perfectly with what we just said in the previous line. And is that if our company has an online store and / or a website, it is quite possible that we also offer customers access to an online order form. It would be an option –even- much simpler and faster, compared to the advantages that physical order forms offered us at the time.

However, if we take into account that the order form is just a piece of paper with some ink, and that its cost is actually quite laughable, why not try to include it in the commercial catalog of our business? You could be surprised by their results.For more information visit here ytmp3

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