What is a Stochastic Oscillator?

Indicators are a set of tools that are used on charts and help to analyze the marketplace more accurately.

For example, they may confirm that the marketplace is trendy or flute. Indicators can also provide specific market information, for example, when an asset is overbought or resold, and signal a possible reversal. The combination of trend indicators and oscillators for trading under different marketplace conditions is very useful.

Market conditions are constantly changing — from the flat marketplace to the tendency market and back, so you can apply each indicator depending on the certain problem. 

The stochastic pointer demonstrates the importance of each ending price in the previous interval of maximum and minimum prices. It consists of two lines: fast and slow. The second is greatly significant, as it is a vastly important marketplace development. The calculation with the help of an oscillator determines the location of the conclusion payment relative to the expanse of prices for a certain duration. The most widespread calculation period for this tool is five days. The short duration of the oscillator allows it to find more points of rotation, and longer — to reveal the most important turning points.

The stochastic oscillator makes it possible to determine, in percentage terms, the place of the last closing price in the general tariff range over a selected period. If the obtained value is overhead 80, the final tax is close to the upper limit of the range, if it is less than 20, and correspondingly close to the softer.

The needle is constructed to determine the tariff pulse. The inventor, to illustrate the example of the operation of his indicator, gives an illustration of a rocket launched into the air, the momentum of which inevitably begins to decrease before the rocket falls. Thus, the impulse always changes its direction before the payment modifications. The author notes that it is quite difficult to master this method of determining the direction of price, but it is possible if there is desire and stability.

Mathematically, a stochastic expression expresses the ratio between the final tariff and the spectrum of the maximum-minimum for a given period as a percentage. A signal is an auxiliary directing pointer, which allows for predicting possible price reversal points. It is borrowed to determine the middle and the verge of a trend. In some cases, it helps to estimate the strength of a trend. 

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