What do you say about how you wear your top hat?

Anyone talking about fashion and style needs to understand that these matters go beyond clothing. More aptly, it is not the choice of clothes that determines an impact, but it is more reflective of how you flaunt or wear it. For example, a gentleman can choose a polka dot tie or a hound’s tooth jacket to dress up in a certain way. But the look can still be incomplete if he doesn’t round up this fashionable outfit with proper accessories. The same thing applies to hats. You know that nothing can beat the dominating and elegant aura of a men’s top hat. The tall hats with a flat crown adorned men for their on-point formal looks for ages.

Earlier, top hats were popular as silk hats or beaver hats for the material used in their making. Then, some called them stovepipe or chimney pot hats for their tall cylindrical height. No matter what, headwear became synonymous with the upper class, and some referred to it as a mark of capitalism. Nevertheless, the advent of silk toppers in western fashion happened in the late 18th century. But its popularity started going down by the 1960s, leaving it as a merely formal fashion accessory.

However, things are much different today as the variations in this hat style stand more for contemporary charm and taste. Due to this, you don’t have to stick to formal looks strictly. You can make them an integral part of your leisurewear with options of colors like white, beige, brown, black, blue, grey, and more. With this, you can also explore quirky prints for a fancy dress or party theme. So, do you want to wear one? Here is a glimpse into hat etiquette that you need to know.

Men’s guide: Things to pay attention to when wearing a top hat

Although they say there is no rule to wearing a hat, you may like to be a little careful while selecting a traditional choice. For instance, you may have picked up a stovepipe design. When you attend an indoor function, it will be better to remove it as soon as you enter the building. You don’t have to follow this at places like lobbies, public transport, shopping malls, etc. If you prepare for a formal occasion, you can wear your top hat with tails. Grayish colored can be suitable for the daytime, while black works both during the day and nighttime. Nevertheless, you can always look handsome in your top hat no matter what time and place you choose.

Wearing it with a morning suit can be a common practice. So, when you put it on your head, make sure to cover the front of your head. And as suggested, take it off when you are indoors.

These traditional hat options are practical and applicable for every season. Whether it snows, shines, or rains, you can wear your top hat to feel warm and dry. Since these can complement your different looks, you can trust them to be your faithful fashion companions.

Some night out dressing ideas to go with a top hat

Suppose you plan to go on a long drive with a bunch of friends for a fun escapade. In that situation, a leather jacket with a black cowhide top hat with a chain hatband can be the perfect match. Or, in the daytime, you can enter a bar or club with your group of pals for some beer in your blue, white, or grey tee and finish this look with a medium-height top hat with an eclectic hatband.

You can select something with a dragon face to emulate the mood if you get an invite for a quirky theme party. However, when you have to create a charming impression on everyone, you can dress in the Wiccan-style top hat to slay the looks. Consider choosing something with a rope hatband design, feather, and other elements. You cannot miss your fashion goal with it for sure.

Choosing a top hat for men doesn’t have to be a pain. The varieties and sizes make things easy, but high prices can be baffling at times. But you must prioritize quality. These traditional hats stand tall for their aura, and if the material doesn’t do justice, you can fail to achieve your desired goal. Also, focus on the proper fitting and height. You can find many choices in their crown length, from low to medium and high. Select anything that makes you comfortable. You don’t need to buy a style because your friend has the same thing unless you are fully confident to pull off any look with it.

For these hats, you can search reputable online stores. Make sure you trust only experienced and popular hat makers that provide good designs, pricing, and overall impact. Only then will you be able to enjoy your buy.

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