What Are The Tips To Top Class 9 Science Exam?

CBSE Class 9 is an important stage in a student’s life. Although you don’t need to face board exams in this class, it helps form a base for everything. Hence, it is important to stay focused on your studies. If you aspire to achieve good marks in the CBSE Class 9 exams, then scoring high in Science subjects may ensure a great impact on your overall result. 

This subject deals with practical and important aspects of life. So, we can know the reasons behind any phenomena occurring in nature. Therefore, it is also one of the interesting subjects included in the CBSE Class 9 Curriculum. 

Many students believe that they can’t score full marks in Class 9 Science. However, the reality is that there has been an increase in the number of students who have got 100% in this subject. Scoring a high percentage in Science is not tough. All you need to do is follow the right strategies and understand the concepts clearly. 

In this article, you’ll know some important tips on how to top the Class 9 Science exam.

  • Understand The CBSE Class 9 Science Exam Pattern 

The marking scheme of the subject has changed in recent years. Earlier, it was done on the CCE and term exams pattern. However, this method has been replaced by the annual examinations that occur only once a year. The question paper will carry 80 marks while the 20 marks will be allotted on the internal assessments at the school. 

Here’s a detailed description of how the marks will be distributed among various activities.

Please note that this distribution is strictly based on the CBSE guidelines. 

  • The theory examination will be of 80 marks. To clear the exam, a student needs to score at least 33% marks out of 80 marks in every subject. 
  • The internal assessment carries 20 marks. And the criteria to pass the subject remain the same as it is for the theory exam. The internal assessment’s marks are further distributed into three sections, 
  1. Periodic test- 10 marks
  2. Notebook and assignment submission- 5 marks
  3. Subject related activities- 5 marks. 
  • Know The Chapter-Wise Weightage

Knowing the chapter-wise distribution of marks will help you to know which chapter carries more marks, so you can prioritize properly. 

Here’s a blueprint of the chapters. 

  1. Force, Motion And Work- 27 marks.
  2. Matter- Its Behaviour And Nature- 23 marks 
  3. The Organisation in The Living World- 20 marks
  4. Food And Food Production- 4 marks
  5. Our Environment- 6 marks
  • Go Through The Question Paper Pattern Clearly

While preparing for the Class 9 Science paper, you must go through the question paper pattern thoroughly as it will enable you to find which questions you should attempt first.

Read the information given to understand the Science question paper pattern. 

  1. The Science question paper contains 27 questions: 6 questions (5 marks each), 10 questions (3 marks each), 3 questions (2 marks each), 2 questions (1 mark each). 
  2. You’ll be provided with the internal choice in three questions (three marks each), two questions (five marks each), one question (two marks). 
  3. You’ll be asked questions of 12 marks from the practical file. 
  4. You should answer one mark question in one line. 
  5. Write answers in 30 words for two marks questions.
  6. Answer three marks questions in 50 words. 
  7. Write at least 70 words to answer five marks questions. 
  8. As you know, the theory paper will be of 80 marks. You’ll be given 3 hours to complete the question paper. 
  9. Make sure to draw well-labelled diagrams wherever it’s needed. 
  • Domain-Wise Tips To Consider

Here are the domain-wise tips that you must consider to score good marks in different sections. 


  1. Revise all the important concepts in the right sequence. For instance, if you want to understand the concepts of Force and Laws of Motion then you have to first brush up on the concepts of Motion. This way, you can build confidence in yourself along with developing an interest in the subject. 
  2. Write the significant formulas in your notebook along with their explanations, CGS and SI units. This technique will allow you to get full marks in numerical. 
  3. Practice concepts in the written mode. 
  4. Avoid learning fresh concepts right before the examination. Invest time in gaining expertise on those topics, which you have already understood. 


  1. Focus on application and practical-based questions from chapters like ‘Matter in Our Surroundings. 
  2.  Study the valencies of chemical elements thoroughly.
  3. Practice numerical on ‘Mole concepts’. 
  4. Solve questions related to chemical reactions and formulas. 
  5. Memorize the basic concepts on different models of the atom. 


  1. Practice application-based questions on topics like diffusion, osmosis and plasmolysis. 
  2. Remember all cell organelles with their functions. 
  3. Try to recollect the differences and similarities between different phyla of the Plant and Animal Kingdom.
  4. Recollect norms for writing the scientific names for various organisms. 
  5. Prepare inferential based problems from disorders in human beings. 
  6. Remember the different methods of transmission of communicable diseases with their symptoms. 
  7. Read all the biological cycles carefully. 
  8. Make sure that you recall the breeds of milch animals, poultry and marine organisms. 
  • Tips To Score Full Marks In Science Practical Exam

  1. Know the pattern of practical exams. You’ll be asked two questions from Chemistry, Biology and Physics. 
  2. For Chemistry, you are expected to face questions related to molecular mass, mixtures and compounds including numerical. 
  3. For Biology, you’ll be asked questions on the identification and functions of tissues including human cheek cells and onion peel experiments. 
  4. For Physics, problems will be on the calculation of speed of pulse, density of solids and laws of reflection of sound. 


If you want to top Class 9 Science exam then you need to study hard and invest at least two hours in different domains of the subject. At the same time, practice several mock test papers to test your skills and knowledge. Try to overcome your weakness through a well-planned timetable. And make sure you sleep well before the exam so you can concentrate on the question paper and write correct answers. 

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