What Are the Different Types of Watches for Men?

According to one study, watch wearers are more conscientious and emotionally stable. It makes you wonder if, maybe, a watch is all it takes to be more mindful and less stressed throughout the day. Not only that, but wearing a watch has long been associated with professionalism, luxury, and class.

If you don’t wear watches yet, now is the perfect time to find the right style for you and your lifestyle. Read on for some of the basic types of watches for men.

Classic Dress Watch

When you imagine wristwatches, you likely picture a classic dress watch first. These watches are high quality and great for work or formal events. And while they’re often made by luxury brands, there are also many lower-priced options on the market too.

This men’s fashion staple is typically analog with a simple round face. Traditionally, they come with a black leather band, though you can find other colors like brown, gray, and green.

For a classic yet never boring watch, this is the first type to try.

Digital Watch

Once upon a time, digital watches felt modern and cool. Today, they’ve become nearly as commonplace as analog watches, with a variety of styles to choose from.

Most, like H2Hub Watches, display the time in digital numbers. Some also display other information like the date and day of the week.

The digital design makes these watches appear slightly more casual than their non-digital counterparts. But with the right wristband, you can elevate yours to be more traditional (like with a leather band) or keep it casual with fabric and even rubber bands.

Sports Watch

Sports watches are not the same as the watches that track your steps and other exercise stats. Men’s sports watches are designed for active lifestyles, while staying true to the original function of watches: telling time.

They’re usually made of durable materials and may be chunkier than classic wristwatches. As for the face, it can be either digital or analog—or sometimes both.

Sports watches are designed to be comfy with a soft band. And every time you look at yours, you’ll be met with a variety of information, from compass directions to alarm settings.

Pocket Watch

Of all the kinds of watches, this is one that is rare today yet still worth considering.

Pocket watches attach to a chain and fit snuggly inside your pocket. When you need to check the time, just reach for your pocket watch.

Today, many people grab their smartphone to check the time, not a pocket watch. So why are these watches still worth it? For one, they have a timeless, dapper style that adds a smart touch to any look. And keeping a watch in your pocket is a much safer option than wearing it on your wrist.


To get the most out of your watch options, you may want to consider a smartwatch.

Just like a smartphone, these watches offer message functions, music playlists, web browsing, and app notifications, all displayed right on your wrist.

If you want an alternative to your smartphone that’s easily accessible, consider a smartwatch.

Exploring Types of Watches for Men

To upgrade your style and never be late again, you need a watch. Choose from these types of watches for men to find the best one for you.

For more style inspiration, check out our other fashion articles!

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