Ways to fix pixelated image

Little shakiness of the camera, and you can end up with the pixelated images with no way back. Well, that’s partially true since there’s always a way back for this problem. Your blurry photos can alter in the better way that you want. There are many apps, software and tools around that fix pixelated image. Though, it isn’t easy to pinpoint the effective tool to get your job done. So, if you have captured a blurry image, this article will teach you how to make a picture less blurry.

Common Ways to Fix Pixelated Images

Bitmaps appear on images sometimes due to improper compression of the pixels of the image when it is captured. Either that or pixelation occurs as a cause of the zoom-in effect on the image. The most common reason to cause pixelation is when you resize or reduce the size of the image, it encourages the image noise. Moreover, when the image is obtained from scanning, its pixel subsequently becomes poor. Pixelation can also appear to cause your own mistakes while handling the camera. Though, there’s nothing to get worried about. You can always find a way to photo repair. Here’s how to fix pixelated images.

  •     Smooth the noise: Since the pixelation on images is caused due to unseemly compression of images. You can edit them to fix the parameters of luminance noise and chrominance noise which will help reduce the pixelation of the image.
  •     Increase Clarity: The clarity tool smoothens the image and clarifies the quality of the image. It manually clears and softens the pixel or the blurry effect appearing on the image.
  •     Reduce the noise or Enhance Quality: The sharpness parameter helps in clearing the image. The image becomes neater and less blurry. Or else you can also avail options to reduce the noise on the image. It will decrease weird pixelated effects and present a clear cut image.

How to Fix Pixelated Images with Wondershare Repairit

Great news! Wondershare Repairit can look after all your problems regarding pixelated images. It will create a user-friendly environment and repair photo in no time. You can efficiently repair images, videos, or any document on Windows and Mac. Yes! Repairit enables picture repair on both any devices you own. Learn how to fix pixelated pictures with Repairit on Windows and Mac in four simple steps.

Start the Repairit app by double-tapping the icon on your desktop screen or search Repairit on the search bar, and the window will appear.

1. Add Pixelated Photos

Select Photo Repair and click the “Add” button to add pixelated images or photos in the sidebar. You can add the location where your photos are present, and they will eventually load in the Repairit window.

2. Repair and Preview Photos

Click the “repair” button on the bottom right of the picture. It will take a few minutes to fix the photos then you can preview the image. Besides, if the repairing process is not up to your expectation, you can repair the photo from the Advance Repair option.

Advance Repair Option requires a sample photo. Hereafter, Repairit will repair the pixel of your uploaded image similar to those of the sample image. That way, you can repair the image pixel as per your desire.

3.Save the Photo

Once you have repaired the photos and previewed them, save them on your device.

Congratulations! Your photo is free of unwanted pixelation and awkward bitmaps.

Wondershare Repairit is a useful and trustworthy tool for any mishappenings. Since you have encountered awkward pixelation of images which is a bad influence on your picture quality or photography. Repairit provides you resourceful service to fix haphazard occurring in images. Regardless of the size of your image, you can mend the pixels of your image with user-friendly services that are available 24/7.

Tips to Avoid Image Pixelation

As we already know the causes of pixelation, it is easy to strategies the method to avoid image pixelation. Therefore, the main key to avoiding pixelation is to learn to handle the camera professionally. Most of the time, we are not holding the camera steadfastly, which ends up capturing a poor, pixelated image. It is better to use tripod stands to prevent such errors. Besides, when the images go out of focus, it also troubles the pixelation. Hence, try to focus on the particular object, so the pictures turn out as clear as you want.

Closing Words

Finally, you have obtained three common ways to fix pixelated images with the help of common tools present in your mobile, laptop or MacBook editor. Moreover, we have introduced you to the Wondershare Repairit app, which helps repair blurry photos and gives you easy and friendly results. Now, it is your choice to make and fix your pixelated photos.

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