Useful Facts You Should Know About Soil Augers

It is essential to have a better understanding of an item before you purchase it. This article discusses facts that any buyer needs to know about soil augers. It offers detailed information about factors that one should consider before buying a soil auger and extensively examines the types of soil auger machines.

A soil auger is a must-have especially when your activities involve digging holes, for instance, holes needed for fencing. Soil augers are referred to as power augers if connected to power. Power augers utilize an electric motor or interior combustion engine. Although, manual soil augers that can be revolved using hand are also available.

How to select a soil auger

The following are a few tips you should consider before purchasing a soil auger:

Engine type- Soil augers use two models of engines; two-stroke and four-stroke. When you need a machine that serves high power and has low maintenance, the latter will suffice. The double strokes need fuel and oil to be mixed to run which does not apply to four strokes.

Depth capacity -Another factor that needed to be considered before purchasing a soil auger is the depth of the hole that one needs to dig. For one to have the capability of digging a deeper hole, one needs to use a machine with a potent engine. Furthermore, soil augers have bits or shafts of distinct sizes.

Some soil augers have extensions that may be helpful if you need a deeper hole than the machine shaft you are using.

Price- When purchasing a soil auger, the price attracts a lot of attention more than anything else. Soil auger price in Kenya depends solely on the type of machine one needs to buy.

Power – Soil augers have engines with different power capacities ranging between 2HP to 5HP. Hard soils can be tackled by machines with stronger engines.

Width of the bits – Each soil auger’s bits has a distinct diameter size ranging between 2″ and 14″. The bits’ diameter affects the holes that can be dug.

Below are different types of soil augers.

Categories of soil augers

Hand auger – This is usually small and fit for usage in home gardening or tasks that need small holes. Its bits diameter ranges from 2 to 8 inches. When it comes to earth auger for sale in kenya, hand augers seem affordable. Also, they are portable therefore suitable for DIY tasks and home use.

One-man auger – This is a soil auger made specifically to be used by one individual. They are lightweight, therefore, convenient for one person. They use a two-stroke motor that can dig holes of 2-12 inches.

Two-man auger – They can be used by two individuals. This can dig wider and deeper holes on tough soils. They have four strokes and are powerful. This kind of soil auger is suitable for operations that require bigger holes.


For any project that involves digging holes, soil augers satisfy the need of the project owner without breaking a sweat. The aforementioned facts in this article provide the buyer with rich knowledge about the product before purchasing it. For more, check

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