Top Myths about Auto Accidents You Must Know

The number of auto accidents is rising across the US. It has become imperative to understand that those who suffer bodily injuries may not always be able to claim damage through a lawsuit unless the lawyer fighting the case is professionally sound.

It is a tricky issue. The interpretation of legal provisions by the attorney plays the most vital role in it.

It varies from case to case and the extent of the injury suffered by the victim. The experience and expertise of an experienced car accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help you receive the rightful compensation following an accident.

But victims often get confused after an accident. Most people have several myths in mind regarding an auto accident.

Here are some of the myths that need to be busted now:

Laws of Auto Accidents Are Universal

The accident claim laws differ from one state to another. A particular state in the country insists on your purchase liability insurance while other states may not do so. Some states have no-fault laws, while others may have at-fault laws. Subsequently, the claim process may also turn complex depending on the state acts.

Get Compensated for All Types of Injuries

It’s a myth. The driver or the passenger of the vehicle should know that mere suffering an injury does not entitle him to receive compensation.

The financial compensation is paid only in these cases: permanent damage caused to the body like amputation of a hand or leg (i.e. disfigurement), death, and serious damage to the body.

Accident Victims Can Get Huge Compensation

The quantum of compensation depends on the nature of the accident and the severity of the injury. Several automobile drivers don’t even get any compensation. Hence, getting a million dollars as compensation is a myth.

Insurance Companies Will Help 

No, it does not always happen. The insurance companies always try to find loopholes in settling the case. They even make their own verifications and try to conclude that the accident happened due to the negligence of the driver of the automobile. They try to shift the liability on the driver and use a legal loophole to avoid settling the case in favor of the person: the driver.

Any Attorney Can Help

It is a myth as not all attorneys are professionally qualified enough to help an accident victim.

The attorney must be a thorough professional who specializes in accident cases with a proven track record and an incredible reputation. Also, you must make sure that the attorney you hire should charge an affordable fee for his legal services.

In Conclusion

The auto accident claims are often mired in myths that need to be busted. Some of the major myths have been discussed above. It is a difficult area and requires an exact interpretation of laws by a lawyer to help the victim.

Get in touch with a qualified attorney following an accident to stay on the safer side. A car accident attorney will legally fight the case in the court of law on your behalf and help you receive the rightful compensation.

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