Top Maths Jokes that will Lift Your Mood & Class Engagement

Maths is an exciting subject but not the favorite of many. The majority of students dislike maths. They fear solving math equations and problems. Making students comfortable with maths is one of the biggest challenges faced by teachers. To keep students interested in maths online classes, teachers try different techniques and new methods of teaching.

Surely these techniques help to make the class more interesting, funny, creative, and engaging. It allows students to regain their interest. The two most used techniques by the teachers are gamification and math puzzles, and maths jokes. Who doesn’t like to laugh in class, especially when it comes to maths? Including this in your class will surely help you.

There are a lot of tricky maths puzzles. Jokes lighten the student’s mood and bring positiveness to the online class. In this article, I will be mentioning cheesy math jokes that make you laugh till it hurts. Let’s get started.

Why does nobody prefer to talk in circles?

Ans. Circle has no points so that it will be a waste of time talking to a circle.

Which type of tree is most loved by a maths teacher?

Ans. Geometry.

Why do math books appear to be sad?

Ans. Because it has lots of problems.

Why do plants dislike maths?

Ans. Because maths gives them square roots.

Do you know why number 6 is afraid of number 7?

Ans.  Because 7 ‘ate’ 9.

Why are two fours likely to skip lunch?

Ans.  Because they are already eight.

Tell me the number that can’t stay in one place?

Ans.  It is a Roman numeral.

Why does a man refuse to drink the juice with 8 ice cubes?

And- Because it’s too cubed.

Between the pound of feathers or a pound of iron, which weighs more?

Ans. Both are equal.

How can you become a better dancer with the help of algebra?

Ans. By using Algorithms.

If you have 4 apples in a basket and you take out 3, how many are left?

Ans- 3 Apples. As you took 3 of them.

Name the king who loved fractions?

Ans. It is Henry the ⅛

Tell me the reason why my nose can’t be 12 inches long?

Ans. Because it would be afoot.

Why does a mathematician drop all his food in the oven? 

Ans. Because it is instructed to put the food in the oven at 180•

Maths teacher favorite snake?

Ans. A pie- thon.

Why are you doing your multiplication on the floor- asked the teacher?

Ans- Because you told not to take help of a table- students replied.

Tell me about the latest statics joke?

Ans. Probably

Two fathers and two sons went fishing, and each caught one fish. So tell me, why did they bring only 3 fish?

Ans. Because there was only a group of 3 people, so they brought 3 fishes.

Think! What seems elder than me?

Ans. Numbers that can’t be divided by two.

Why did 7 eat 9?

Ans. Because you eat 3 meals a day.

Why are fractions worried about marrying the decimal?

Ans- Because he would have to convert.

Why did the triangle tell the circle to win the argument?

Ans- You are so pointless always.

How will you make 7 an even number?

Ans- Just omit the alphabet S.

Why boy gets upset when his teacher calls him average?

Ans- Because it was a mean comment by a teacher.

Name the king of a pencil case?

Ans. The Ruler.

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