Top 8 Benefits of hiring Private tutor at young age?

1. Professionally customised learning program

By hiring a private tutor from a well-established tuition agency, the child is able to enjoy a program specifically curated for him. This learning program helps focus on the student’s weakness as well as tweak in level of difficulty as the student improves. The school is unable to provide this since they will not be able to understand the student well enough given the short amount of contact time teachers in school have.

On the flip side, if a student is well ahead of its peers, a private tutor can help further unleash the potential of the student through more difficult problems. Schools are unable to provide this since they practice a common curriculum for all students.

2. Attention to mastering the basics

We know schools are always in a rush in finishing the syllabus for the year. It is a fact that most of the time the teacher would quickly brush through certain topics for the sake of it. However, some of these topics turn out to be important fundamental basics in the later years of education. A private tutor at a young age thus help the student to strengthen the basics and not lose out when the school skim through them.

3. Building confidence and self-esteem for school

Schooling can be daunting especially for primary one kids entering into the formal education system. A private tutor plays an important role in building confidence in the young child. When a child feels more confident about his academic abilities, confidence and self-esteem will naturally increase.

4. A ‘friend’ to provide support

Another important point of having a private tutor from a young age is the relationship that the tutor forms with the student. This relationship is important since the tutor will probably be one that understand the student’s struggles better than anyone. Especially in a highly competitive and stressful education system like Singapore, having a ‘friend’ to support and aid you academically is key.

5. Long term standardised form of teaching

Every year, students see a new teacher in school. Your physics teacher this year might not be teaching you again next year. This is not ideal for students since they have to adapt to new ways of teaching every year. By having a private physics tuition, the student get to enjoy a standardised form of teaching through the education lifetime.

6. One to one engagement allows the child to be honest

Students these days are shy to ask questions in class for fear of embarrassing themselves. Private tutor thus allow for the child to be honest about where he lacks understanding. Through this, the tutor will then be able to identify the weaker areas. Levying on the point of having a strong relationship between the two, a student that sees the tutor as friend will certainly have more trust in the tutor and not afraid of embarrassing himself.

7. Flexible hours

This point is important given the numerous CCAs that students are required to join these days in order to have a stellar portfolio. A private tutor will hence be able to better accommodate to the student’s availability. By hiring one when the child is still young, you can essentially ‘book’ the tutor for certain periods of time.

8. Clear end goal in mind

Finally, we believe this is the most important point of all. A private tutor at a young age helps the student to work towards the ultimate end goal. For instance, in primary school, the end goal is to do well for PSLE. Therefore, it is a six years horizon that a private tutor is looking at. Whilst complementing the school’s curriculum, a private tutor is able to work hand in hand with the parents towards the end goal.

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