Top 5 Types of Range Hoods on the Market Today

Range hoods are the best solution if you are ever worried about the heat, smoke, or moisture circulating inside your kitchen arrangement resulting from cooking. Accumulated carbon particles can make your kitchen cabinets look dirty and unpleasant.

Installing a Range hood is also essential if you are selling your house. Because they add to your kitchen’s aesthetic beauty and serve as a vital marketing feature of your home, more buyers will be willing to buy it.

The various materials for making Range hoods vary from copper to steel. The material used for your range hood will determine its durability and beauty. Coppersmith features a variety of range hoods available on the market today so that you can make your best choice. Below are five types of commonly used materials in range hoods.

Copper-Made Range Hoods

Copper is perhaps a choice for crafting kitchen range hoods due to its appealing look. Copper metal can retain its beautiful appearance for a very long time, even after being subjected to intense smoke. Copper is also not a very reactive metal, so it doesn’t corrode due to reactions with atmospheric oxygen or hot carbon particles. Coppersmith has several designs of copper-made range hoods.

 Coppersmith Brass Range Hoods

Brass is a metal alloy made by combining zinc with copper; combining the two metals builds a more beautiful range hood and improves its strength. Items made from alloys are more durable than the ones made from individual metal elements. Brass is also a very smooth material, enhancing your range hoods’ texture. Rough and sticky surfaces are so unpleasant, especially when cleaning.

Range Hoods Made Of Stainless Steel

Steel is a rigid metal used to make many kitchen items and appliances. A steel-made thing is cost-saving due to its durability; this is because steel offers very high resistance to both corrosion and cracking.

Due to its elastic nature, the metal doesn’t bend easily, even when subjected to intense force. Stainless steel is also relatively easy to clean as it doesn’t stick to most substances; steel metal also has a very high melting point and, therefore, can withstand high temperatures when cooking.

Custom Range Hoods

Some customers are more detailed about what they deserve. Therefore having customizable range hoods is inevitable. These range hoods can be customized to fit your high luxury kitchen needs. Coppersmith offers several customizable range hoods that fit customer needs. Customizable range hoods are from any material depending on customer specifications, such as beauty, durability, and ease of cleaning.

White Range Hoods

These range hoods can be made from any material so long as they are polished white on their surface; these materials can be wood or solid metal. Coppersmith offers white customizable range hoods because white is more appealing to the user, and that’s why it’s the best color to choose for painting range hoods.


When going for a range hood, there are several factors to consider. Such factors are durability, ease of cleaning, smell absorption capabilities, size, resistance to stains, and appearance.

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