Top 5 Tips For Optimizing Your Amazon Product Listing

If you are a business that sells its products on Amazon, it is likely that you will require an optimized Amazon product listing at some point. Of course, there could a wide range of reasons behind it – you may be introducing a unique bundle, a new retail arbitrage product, or a private label product. If you have a persuasive and informative product listing, it can help boost your sale as well as improve the product ranking.

As a customer, you probably might have made some regular purchases on the shopping platform. While doing so, you may have come across some examples of poor product listings that you should never do. Some typical product listing mistakes include mediocre product descriptions, confusing images, and titles that are spammed with the keywords.

In this article, we will talk about some ways that can help improve and optimize your Amazon product listing to achieve more sales and better ranking.

What Is Amazon Listing Optimization?

Before we get into the gist of this article, we first need to understand the meaning of Amazon listing optimization. This is the method of upgrading your product pages so that there is a significant improvement in conversion rates (CR), click-through rates (CTR), and search visibility; all these factors contribute to more sales.

Top Tips And Tricks To Improve And Optimize Your Amazing Product Listing

Here are some great Amazon listing optimization tips that you can use:

Audit Your Product Listing

If you are a brand new company on Amazon, the first line of business is to audit and optimize your existing product listing. This will help you find areas where there is room for improvement. For instance, you may find some products where you need to revamp the product titles and add high-quality images.

Thankfully, there are various free tools that can help make this auditing feature faster. Most of these tools will grade your products on areas like:

  • Title of the product
  • Images of the product
  • Features of the product
  • Description of the product
  • Reviews of the product
  • Ratings of the product
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Auditing can also help identify duplicate product listings – if you happen to find them, you can simply merge them into one. Keep adding the product grades in an Excel file so that you can optimize them more efficiently.

Promote The Right Keywords

As soon as you have listed down some keywords and sorted them accordingly, you need to start promoting them very aggressively, especially during the launch. You can also create more ads to find additional keywords. Experts advise that selling up various keyword campaigns like Auto Campaigns can help discover long-tail keywords that you may have not thought of.

Of course, you can also bid on the keywords used by your competitors to steal their traffic. It is also recommended that you opt for Amazon bidding on your own branded keywords. As a seller, you need to take a complete look at the backend keywords so that you can find the ones that can easily be found by your target customers.

The Product Titles Need To Be Informative

Writing a compelling product title is one of the most important parts of Amazon listing optimization. The title needs to contain everything that your customer needs to know even before they click on your product listing. Amazon allows a maximum of 200 characters, which you need to utilize to the fullest.

There are certain practices that are considered the best when you are writing a title for your products; some of them include:

  • Add the primary keyword at least once
  • Capitalize all words in the title, except for prepositions, articles, or conjunctions
  • Always add the number of items in the product pack
  • Spell out measurements

Also, there are certain things that you need to avoid, like:

  • Pricing information
  • Information about the company, brand, or seller
  • Subjective commentary, like the Best Seller of the Year, etc
  • Promotional messages, like free shipping or sales

The Product Features Need To Provide All The Features And Benefits Of The Product

When a person is shopping for a product, it is likely because they are looking for a solution to any particular problem. For instance, if you are looking to buy shoes, you are doing so because you need one for anything like casual wear, jogging, sports, etc. Or, you could be feeling cold; hence you are looking for a sweater or jumper.

Therefore, your products will only be recognized if they can provide a solution to solve your customer’s problems. This can only be possible in the description section; here, you need to provide as much information as possible about your product.

Here, you need to provide only relevant information, like materials, specifications, size/dimensions, weight, etc. Apart from these, you can also add other smaller details like how the particular product will benefit the customers. If you place them right, it will seal the deal and your customers will make the purchase.

In the description section, you can make use of some long-tail keywords that you cannot otherwise insert in the title. However, please refrain from adding time-sensitive offers or subjective/unsupported claims about the product, the like product title. You need to put in content that will help the customer understand what your product is.

Always Use High-Quality Product Images

One of the most important aspects of Amazon listing optimization is the product images you use. You need your customers to see high-quality images that clearly showcase the product, as well as its uses and benefits.

It is always the images that capture the attention of potential customers first. If the product images are high-quality, the customers will click through to the entire product listing. The right photos will improve your sales significantly.

At Amazon, there are certain image requirements. For instance, the image should be the actual photo of the product; you cannot upload illustrations or mockups. Additionally, the product background needs to be white, with the product occupying at least 85% of the space.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Amazon listing optimization does not have to be difficult. You just need to ensure that the written and pictorial content is A1. If yes, you do not have to think about anything else. If you have any questions, do drop them in the comment section.

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