Usually, people choose furniture and decor based only on aesthetic considerations. However, experts say: in order to turn your home from a simple cozy place into a magnet for success, prosperity, and money, it is necessary to add certain things to the interior that will bring you happiness and prosperity.

Of course, the ancient Chinese technique of feng shui is also very important. It is the Chinese and other peoples of the East who arrange the furniture according to their legendary folk wisdom, which is largely similar to the main modern traditional rules on how to attract money and luck into the house. Luck is a great thing to have, whether you are playing in an online casino, betting (check the great betting platform, or not.

Let‘s take a look at the most popular interior details that are sure to enrich the inhabitants of your home and make them happier, and luckier.


In modern apartments, indoor plants are almost always present, as they are still the best decoration for any room. The plant should be placed in the south-eastern part of the apartment because it is believed that this area is responsible for wealth and success. It is also advised to put it near the pot coins.


Absolutely all shades of this color attract success and wealth. That is why green is so popular in the decoration of offices, home offices, museums, and stores. Psychologists consider these shades of green to be the most positive and useful for positive emotions.


Water is known to be an element with many magical properties. The effective attraction of financial streams is one of them. Feed your fishes and try to keep the aquarium in perfect cleanliness. If one of the fish dies – do not worry, it took away your troubles and negative energy.


There are several small figures that are sure to bring you and the rest of the inhabitants of the apartment unprecedented success. For example, the famous Chinese three-legged toad with a coin in its mouth. Place it in a place it will be seen, and do not forget to wipe off the dust from it regularly. The toad will become the strongest money talisman, which with all three paws will take up money in the house where it is so carefully looked after.

There are also many different talismans in the form of elephants. According to the practice of Feng Shui, this animal is a symbol of stability, prosperity, and stability. With the help of its trunk, it can attract luck and prosperity to your home.

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