Top 14 Most Popular Video Streaming Sites

Streaming is a video sharing technique very popular with Internet users in possession of high speed. It is special because the files are not stored in the hard drive of the computer or the mobile device, and playback is done continuously without interruption. As the video file is transmitted, it is processed in RAM and immediately transferred to a screen.

In France, several streaming sites have emerged, with an obvious explosion in 2014. The latest statistics which have fallen show that streaming is far ahead of downloading in importance (36% in France with 9% legal downloading). According to the report, the digital music market grew from 50.8 million euros in 2007 to 133 million in 2014. Here are the Top 25 most popular video streaming sites.

The site is community-based, OTT type, with files coming from users (UGC). Continuous streaming with sharing of links to films, series and manga, by IFraming.

Streamiz filmze

Large collection of online video streaming movies. Box office movies and latest movies added.

Hot trend movies in streaming, with a selection of the top 10 most popular movies.


French streaming movies with Free platform


Offers multiple free movies in multiple categories


Horror & Romance Movies Streaming

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Free stream

Large and attractive collection of films, series and multifaceted videos

Full stream

Very visited website and much appreciated for the quality of its works, but a lot of advertising


Watch your favorite movies, manga and series in streaming.


Specializes in popular and recent films


Several famous and high quality movies streaming


Streaming movies and game and series sheets


Find an artist or a movie, TV programs and make up your playlist

Offers a selection of the best movies in cinema streaming

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