Tips to Correct Mistakes Made at the Time of Paying Income Tax

Making tax payments can be confusing. In such situations, taxpayers might make a few mistakes. This can lead to problems while filing tax. However, there are ways to correct such mistakes.

In this article, we will explain how to correct mistakes made while paying tax.

In order to file an income tax return (ITR), taxpayers must first pay their previous tax that is pending. Furthermore, any mistakes made while submitting advance tax during the year or self-assessment tax can lead to non-deposit of tax. Therefore, the taxpayer will not be eligible to claim any tax benefit. It is also recommended to use an income tax calculator while filing ITR.

How to File an ITR and Correct any Mistakes

There are two ways to file an ITR-

  • Online ITR Filing
  • By Submitting Physical Challans at the Bank

How to Correct Mistakes if the ITR is Filed Online-

If the ITR is filed online, then the correction needs to be done by the taxpayer’s assessing officer. In such a case, the taxpayer must visit the assessing officer. He/she needs to request the officer to correct the mistake. It is very easy to find the assessing officer’s office. The taxpayer can locate the officer on the e-filing website of the income tax department.

Here are the Steps You Need to Take-

  • Visit
  • Then, click on AO ‘Know your TAN|AO’. You can find it under ‘Quick Links’ tab.
  • You will be redirected to a new webpage.
  • Select TAN or Name, Category of Deductor, and State. Then, enter your Name and Mobile Number.
  • After that, you will receive an OTP that you need to enter.
  • Once the correct OTP is entered, you will find out the address of the assessing officer’s office.
  • You need to visit the office to make the correction.

How to Correct Mistakes if the ITR is Filed via a Bank-

If the self-assessment tax or advance tax is paid via a bank branch, then the bank can correct a few mistakes within the specified duration.

Here are some of the mistakes that the bank can correct-

  • Assessment year
  • Nature of payment (TDS codes)
  • Major head code
  • Minor head code
  • Total Amount

Apart from such errors, other mistakes can be corrected by the assessing officer.

A bank can make corrections. However, there are a few conditions-

  • If there are mistakes in the name, then the correction isn’t allowed.
  • Correction in both Minor Head, for instance, Assessment Year and self-assessment taxes, isn’t allowed together.
  • ITR amount under rectification should match the figure received by the government account and bank.
  • PAN/TAN correction is allowed when the name in challan matches with the name in PAN/TAN.
  • Correction can be done in case of a single challan. However, if the first is done for amount, then the second can be raised for rectifications needed in other fields.
  • Any request for partial acceptance of change rectification will not be allowed. Either all change request gets rejected or all the requested changes will be allowed on passing the validation.

The Process for Correction in Self-Assessment Tax via a Bank-

  • Visit the bank branch where you deposited tax. You must have the original challan receipt.
  • Get the request form for tax correction and fill it up. Submit its duplicate copy to the bank branch.
  • Submit the original challan counterfoil and the correction application.

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