Tips On How To Dispose Of Old Tires

Old tires always seem to be difficult to dispose of. Once you’ve got a new set of tires, you might be wondering what to do about the old ones. Most people keep them for ages just for that reason. However, there’s a lot you can do with old tires such as asking for professional service. But there’s more than just plain old junk removal!

Other Uses

You can actually create a lot with tires and thus put them to good use. You may have heard of earth ships which are basically built with tires as walls. In case you’re about to build a house, you might want to save up those old tires and ask around for more. However, there have been some conflicting facts about using tires as a building material. 

First of all, tires do contain some toxins. If you put them into the ground those can seep into the groundwater. Secondly, those toxins contained in tires can gas off and thus create a rather unhealthy environment to live in. Instead of building some sort of house or shed, you may want to consider using tires as a retaining wall on the Northside of your home. The possibility of toxins seeping into the groundwater remains, unfortunately. At best, you check with local regulations first, if you can use old tires at least for a retaining wall.

Aside from using it as construction material for junk removal, there are still plenty of other uses. Give them a coat of paint of your choice and upcycle them. 

Planters Made of Tires

You can turn old tires into planters, You basically only have to place the tires where you’d like to have a planter in your garden. Fill it with some drainage material on the bottom, like perlite, and then with soil. However, please be careful not to put plants into a tire planter you’d still want to eat. The off-gassing would transfer to the roots of your plants and put toxins into your food chain. That’s most likely exactly what you’d want to avoid if you’re planting your own food. 

Swing Sets

Old tires have been used as swings for decades instead of thinking of junk removal. You can use tires in two ways as swings. Either you use them as a vertical or horizontal swing. Clean those old tires thoroughly first and add some drainage holes. Add another hole for a sturdy rope (or two for a horizontal tire swing) and attach it to a sturdy tree branch.

Pet Bed

Clean an old tire thoroughly inside and outside and leave it to dry. Put it in a perfect spot for a pet bed and fill it with pillows. Cats or small dogs will love the new bed you haven’t considered junk removal with. Especially cats will like it, they are extremely fond of sitting down in round shapes. 

Tire Sandbox

Tires can make perfect sandboxes for your kids and save you a fair amount of cash. For sandboxes, large tires like a tractor are usually best. But also typical car tires will give you a nice sandbox for small kids. If you plan to use it in your garden, put the tire on top of a sturdy plastic sheet. Fill it with play sand and there you go. To make a sandbox on balconies, you can glue some plywood to one side of the tire before filling it with sand.

Tire Garden Table

With two or three-car tires, you can build a great table for your garden. Clean them first and let them dry before placing the first tire at the perfect spot. Add some construction glue on the top sidewall and place the next tire firmly onto it. Repeat this process until you’ve reached your desired height to glue a tabletop onto it.

Donate Your Old Tires

For junk removal, you can practically donate anything, even tires. Ask at a charity for children if they’d like your old tires for their playground. Alternatively, you could get lucky at a zoo. Monkeys, big cats and some other animals love tires in their own playground. At last, there still are sports centres. Many people train with old tires, even the military. 

Exchange Your Old Tires for a New Set

If you haven’t gotten a new set of tires yet, you can usually exchange your tires at your garage for a new set. It’s probably the easiest way of junk removal for tires. The staff will take care of their proper disposal or bring them to a recycling centre.

Recycling Old Tires

Old tires are recycled for lots of things these days. They never are taken to a landfill for the same reasons you should be careful of using them for construction material. Once it rains, the toxins of those tires seep into the groundwater and create a much bigger problem. Instead of simple junk removal, old tires are recycled to create new road surfaces, flooring, brake pads or even fuel. Recycling centres would pay you for your old tires. 

Parting Words

You can’t take old tires to a landfill, they won’t accept them. You can neither put them into your dumpster nor at the curb for waste collection. Well, you can, but then the municipal waste guys won’t pick them up. It’d actually be considered as an illegal junk removal you’d receive a fine for. Some people like to burn their waste, but it’s not a good idea for old tires.

Not only can they burn for several days, but burning tires also create toxic fumes. Those fumes are hazardous and therefore burning tires is usually also illegal. To dispose of old tires fast and hassle-free, ask a junk removal service to pick them up. It saves you the time and effort to find a place for donating them or travelling to a recycling centre. Junk removal services take care of donating and recycling for you.

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