Three Reasons a Litigated Divorce is Not Always an Ideal Option for Couples

Litigation is a method a lot of couples use for getting a divorce. But, it is not always the most efficient and can be difficult. As family courts in Massachusetts are congested, the normal issues with litigated divorce can become even tougher. However, there will be fewer challenges to overcome when couples work with an experienced Divorce Lawyer Near Me. The following are the reasons litigated divorce is not always the ideal solution for couples who want to end their marriage:

The Court May Delay the Divorce Process

Every year, the family law court decides tens of thousands of divorce cases. With a lot of filings, including other family law issues, long backlogs can delay divorce proceedings.

The Longer the Case Gets Resolved the More Expensive It Becomes

When a divorce is pending, attorneys attend several status conferences many times every year to provide the judge with updates on the case. Because lawyers file orders for showing cause or other motions, it is possible to schedule additional hearings for moving the case forward. 

Every time the involved parties have to appear in court, their lawyer bill increases. Apart from the time a lawyer spends in court, they also bill for travel and preparation time. Apart from these, lawyers also bill for research, letters, phone calls, brief writing, mediation, and others. Such expenses can add up quickly. 

Couples Focus on Winning Instead of Resolving Legitimate Issues

In a litigated divorce, it is common for couples to concentrate on winning their cases instead of resolving their issues. They lose sight of what’s necessary, making litigation more of a competition. 

Some important issues need negotiation during the marriage dissolution process. As divorcing spouses decide issues of finances, children, and property, they must concentrate on what’s best for everyone. However, during litigation, they can become angry with each other and drag the divorce process expensively. As a result, litigated divorce often results in couples feeling hurt and unsatisfied. 

If you are considering a divorce, you may want to consider a collaborative divorce over a litigated one. When you and your spouse commit to achieving a positive outcome and are willing to cooperate, then collaborative divorce can be the most productive and cost-effective option for you. 

Because every party engages a chicago divorce lawyer, they still require legal representation throughout the divorce process. But, both parties don’t need to go through a long, expensive process. Often, collaborative divorce involves more casual meetings. This means that you and your spouse meet privately with your respective lawyers first to discuss your issues. This way, your attorneys can understand the needs and thoughts of their clients. 

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