Things to do in Forsyth, Ga

Located at the centre of Georgia is the Town of Forsyth. It is a fascinating area with a star-studded past, friendly resident, and diverse history. The city of Forsyth is filled with adventure and beauty, near several of Georgia’s exciting attractions and on the route to and from the coastal regions.

Visit High Cotton Uptown

Get many souvenirs at a beautiful gift and art boutique in High Cotton Uptown, a famous spot to shop for gifts filled with Southern quaintness. This gift shop is located in the historic red brick building close to the town’s square that provides excellent goods such as custom-made jewellery, handbags, and home decorations.

Check Out the Monroe County Museum-Genealogy

Located in Monroe County is a city called Forsyth, named after the fifth president of America, James Monroe, who is similarly one of the county’s founders. The museum extends the local histories of the city’s first residents to the present citizens.

Visit the Forsyth Foxhunt in Downtown Forsyth

Forsyth Foxhunt, as one of the favourite traditions in Forsyth, is a scavenger hunt that boasts an excellent public art installation. Searching for small fox statues hidden in different locations like the historic buildings and charming shops is a unique experience in Forsyth.

The Spot

The Spot is a location for sightseeing in Forsyth. It offers a lively atmosphere with several energetic pieces of music to dance to, a watering hole, and a friendly neighbourhood hangout.

Things to do in Folkson, Ga

Folkston is a perfect area to relax in southeast Georgia. They range from settling in the southern hospitality of a bed & breakfast to the coastal regions to the eco-tour showcasing the development, history, and culture of the Okefenokee Swamp.

  • Folkston Funnel

Folkston Funnel serves as the primary route for railroad traffic in and out of Florida. Tourists can see the trains moving to and from Jacksonville in the south, north of savannah, and a separate north of town where trains move west to Waycross, Georgia.

  • Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

The swamp develops from the bottom of the ocean and has been in existence for thousands of years. The old peat bog enclosed 700sq miles in a North and South Georgia and was previously occupied by Native Americans around four thousand years ago.

  • Folkston Railroad Transportation Museum

The transportation museum is found within the Depot in downtown Folkston. The surroundings have a beautiful terrain with an enclosed pavilion, oak trees, and benches.

  • Folkston Golf Club

This is a general driving range and eighteen-hole golf course in southern Georgia, thirty miles north of Jacksonville. The golf course was inaugurated in 1954 and modelled by Ed Matson. The club golf course possesses a small front nine that highlights water adventure on three holes.

Fun Things to do in Smyrna, Ga

Smyrna is located fifteen miles from downtown Atlanta and one mile northwest of Atlanta’s city border. This region of northern Georgia in 1910 was initially resided by white Americans but wasn’t known by the name of Smyrna until forty years after.

  • Smyrna History Museum

Found within a rebuilt historic train depot from 1910, this protector of Smyrna’s chronicle keeps several files and artefacts from the early days safe. The exhibits began from when the Smyrna region was the ancestral home of northern Georgia’s Native American people, through the civil war to the present day.

  • Jonquil City Historical Trail

Smyrna is referred to as Jonquil City due to the vast number of rush daffodils that bloom every spring. The trail features a few of Smyrna’s major attractions and is located around a native American course known as Atlanta Rd.

  • Reformation Brewery

This new generation brewery located across Georgia has opened its taproom for tourists. The varieties of the beer differ from month to month but can include Japanese rice lagers, American Pale Ales, rich, dark porters, and Belgian style tripels.

  • Fox Creek Driving Range and Golf Course

This golf course provides a 62-par professional-designed course that is demanding and perfect for every player of all abilities. Similarly, at the centre is a 100-tee driving range.

  • Six Flags White Water

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Free Things to do in Helen, Ga

There are several activities to do in Helen, Ga, and it stands among the North Georgia mountain towns due to the number of things to do.

  • Visit the Heidi Motel and Windmill Suites

This is one of the most visited and oldest milestones in Alpine Helen, Ga. Also, Heidi’s is the only motel in the region where you can live in an actual windmill suite.

  • Tour the Glass Mountain Gallery

This is home to the fine art glass artificers Janine and Philip Shelby. The gallery is accessible to the public for a limited time every year for tours of the facilities and glass blowing demonstrations.

  • Check Out the Gourd Place Museum

This museum has crafted gourd products of over thirty years of history, a wildflower-strewn nature track, and retail shops around the lake.

  • Pottery Demonstration at the Willows Pottery
  • Visit One of Georgia’s oldest Winery, Habersham Winery.

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