The Sneakers Styling Guide for Women

Sneakers have become synonymous with any sports shoes these days, but it doesn’t mean they’re not the perfect sole-mate to wear for casual dates and day trips, too.

Did you know they got the name “sneakers” because people thought it made a little less noise than other shoes because of its rubber soles that they can go around more discreetly? Well, now that you do, don’t think of wearing it to be sneaky. Style it up and let your sneakers do the talking for you!

Heed this sneakers styling guide after you buy women’s sneakers online for that perfect sneaker look!

How to Style Your Sneakers

  • Dress it up

Quite literally, pairing your sneakers with a short to medium-length dress has become so common these days that you can see them all over the internet. True enough, with a good eye for fashion, you can match almost any kinds of dresses with any sneakers. 

Consider pairing mini-floral dresses with classic white sneakers or a shirtdress with your favourite print plus a low-top. The results are pretty – girly, sweet, and still casual. You can’t possibly not take a picture of it!

  • Cuff the jeans

Ripped and distressed jeans go so well with low-top sneakers (or any sneakers for that matter) that it’s like a match made in street-style heaven. However, if you prefer wearing jeans other than these worn-out styles, cuffing up the hems would produce equally chic results. Roll up your pants to an adequate length so you could make a good show of your beloved sneakers.

Not a jeans lover? You can also wear sneakers with other kinds of pants like flared trousers, straight-leg pants, and of course – sweatpants if you’re going to slay a lazy day!

  • Wear it like a pro

Slip-on sneakers are excellent choices for women who prefer having no strings attached. If you’re going for a powerful, professional aura but still want to make it as comfortable as possible, then slipping on colour-coordinated slip-on sneakers with your blazer is recommended. Imagine donning a cream-coloured blouse, rich brown blazer, and pretty cream slip-on sneakers – cosy and professional!

While sneakers aren’t precisely office-worthy, they could be a lifesaver for times when you have to meet clients outside of work or get errands done while still looking all put together.

  • Skirts, shorts, and sneakers

Make your summer stylish by experimenting with various skirts and sneakers look! Try wearing your favourite tee with a black leather skirt plus a high-top sneaker for an edgy summer outfit. If you’re more on the chic and classy side, you can also pair a longer, flowy skirt with a low-top or dad sneakers!

If you’re not a “skirts” type of girl, by all means, pair your favourite sneakers with shorts to give off that ultimate casual, summer look. Extra-tip: ripped shorts and sneakers? Perfect. Just make sure to wear a protective garment under to be safe.

  • Make a coloured statement

There are plenty of trending sneakers for 2021, and getting one for yourself is still a good investment as long as you go for the quality. Consider wearing a monotone outfit – black tops, black jacket, black pants – then boom! Bold, pink high-tops. Sneaky, right? No-effort look but still just as fashionable!

The contrary is just as good with white sneakers paired with the most colourful outfits – although not too bright. Overwhelming your own eyes will likely make you a fashion terrorist and not a trendsetter.

Sneakers are not the next big thing – they are the BIG THING, so go on and buy women’s sneakers online. Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean you have to go around in heels all the time. Give your feet a rest but continue to slay your fashion game with comfortable, stylish sneakers.

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