The Loss of a Loved One: 5 Things You Must Do, Despite Your Grief

The loss of a loved one is a challenging time that almost everyone will eventually face. Along with processing your grief, there are some logistical things you’ll need to get done too.

Navigating the legal side of a loved one’s death can be confusing. We’ll walk you through the five most important things to do following the loss of your friend or family member.

1. Official Declaration of Death

This is a step you will need to think about if your loved one passed away outside of a nursing home or hospital. If your loved one passes away at home, you’ll need to call emergency services. From there, a medical professional will be able to make the declaration of death.

Although you will be dealing with grief, this is an important step to help you get a death certificate.

2. Make Arrangements For The Burial Or Funeral

In the best-case scenario, you have already discussed the end-of-life plans with your loved one. If you couldn’t have this conversation, see if there is a letter or will outlining their wishes.

You will need to choose the best mortuary to have their body taken to prepare them for their burial. Next, you will need to decide on where you will hold the funeral and who you will order the urn or tombstone from.

3. Close Or Secure The Property

If your loved one wasn’t living with you when they died, you will need to go to their home to clean it out. You’ll want to do things like empty the refrigerator and trash and secure their valuables in a safe.

If your loved one has pets, you’ll need to find a safe place that they can go. You’ll also need to forward their mail and let your loved one’s employer know of their death.

4. Finish Legal Work

After a few weeks have passed, you’ll need to get a few copies of the death certificate. This is a legal document that you’ll need to get life insurance or stop payments.

If your loved one had a will, you will need to discuss where their assets will go with an attorney. An executor of their estate will handle most of this process.

5. Cancel Services

Finally, you will need to cancel and close out any services and bills associated with your loved one. If your loved one had any streaming or paid services, you will need to cancel those as well.

You will need to stop any credit cards and contact their bank. You will also need to contact the DMV to terminate your loved one’s driver’s license.

Know What To Do After The Loss Of A Loved One

Handling a death in the family can be a complicated matter. Knowing the steps you need to follow after the loss of a loved one can make the process less stressful.

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