The Great Otway National Park

The Great Otway National Park is situated in the Barwon South West, district of Victoria, Australia. The national park of a huge area of 103,185-hectare is arranged around 162 kilometers in Melbourne’s southwest. It contains a different scope of scenes and vegetation types and is arranged inside the Otway Ranges.

Great Otway National Park is in southern Victoria, Australia. It covers rugged coastland, seashores, and the mountains of the Otway Ranges. The Cascades speck the park, including the three falls of Triplet Falls. Footpaths lead through the calm rainforest at Maits Rest. The 1848 Cape Otway Lightstation roosts on bluffs sitting above the Bass Strait. Great Ocean Walk leads through the park to the Twelve Apostles rock arrangements.

Magnificence Features 

The park is a famous region for highway and international vacationers, with organizations working visits around there. It contains three outdoor regions at Johanna, Aire River, and Blanket Bay. The park is gotten to from the east using Apollo Bay, from the north using Forrest or Beech Forest, or from the west using Princetown.

The park covers both coastline and hinterland in the Otway Ranges, thus incorporates the two seashores and timberland, available using strolling trails. The park and the Aire River camping area are home to a huge koala population. The Cape Otway Lighthouse is adjoining the park and is available to travelers all through the week. You can see wandering whales and dolphins like southern right and southern humpback and bottlenose dolphins from the coasts.

Shine worms (Arachnocampa Otwayensis), the bioluminescent hatchlings of little flies known as organism gnats, can be seen around evening time along the stream banks strolling tracks, especially at Angahook-Lorne State Park, Beauchamp Falls, Hopetoun Falls, Stevenson Falls, and Melba Gully State Park.

History of the Magnificent Park

The Otway woods appreciate a long logging history and have been a rich wellspring of lumber for more than 150 years. The creation crested in 1961 yet has since diminished throughout the long term. The woods are standing tall today exhibit the time expected to regrow and duplicate the past monsters. Truly a few out-of-control fires have consumed the park in this century, which shape its environment and plant and creature variety – the last significant fire was Ash Wednesday in 1983.

The park was proclaimed in 2004 when Otway National Park, Angahook-Lorne State Park, Carlisle State Park, Melba Gully State Park, spaces of the Otway State Forest, and various Crown Land saves were joined into one park. After a mission by the nearby local area and the Otway Ranges Environment Network, the parks were consolidated and were authoritatively gazetted on 11 December 2005.

The Best Waterfalls along the Great Ocean Road in Great Otway National Park

You will be stunned by what nature has prepared for you on a DYI visit through waterfalls the Great Ocean Road has to bring to the table. These are the most elite with regards to Great Ocean Road waterfalls.

  1. Erskine Falls
  2. Phantom Falls
  3. Triplet Falls
  4. Henderson Falls
  5. Kalimna Falls
  6. Hopetoun Falls
  7. Lorne Waterfalls

You can explore more Great Ocean Road waterfalls and about their beauty.

COVID-19 Restrictions

The travel restrictions have been applied to all the visitors who want to visit this beautiful “Great Otway National Park.” You can make a trip here but along with the essential measures.

Domestic travel isn’t confined; however, a few conditions may apply.

  • Masks are suggested
  • A social distancing of 1.5 meters is required.
  • Domestic boundary travels might be dependent upon endorsement, testing, and isolation.

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