The best ways to modernise your living room

Modern and minimal interior design styles have been extremely on trend within the last few years. Whether you want to go for the beige and black combo or grey tones, there is a modern interior design style to suit everyone. We believe that a key to a modernised living room is a minimalistic setting. That means reduce your cutter, or get extra storage facilities! Let’s jump right into some ways you can modernise your living room.

Keep large furniture pieces away from walls

A common mistake that many homeowners make is gluing their furniture to their walls. No, not literally, of course! If your living room area is large enough, this is especially important. To utilise space, try to keep your larger furniture pieces more central within the room. For example, avoid pressing sofas against walls. Even though it is providing you with more central space, this can look very cramped and disarranged within a large setting. Instead, keep the room features central and allow space behind the sofas. Trust us, the final result will look much sleeker and more put together. Make sure to align the surrounding furniture around the sofa, ensuring that these pieces are not pressed against walls either! If you have spent a large amount of money on your sofa, why would you want the back of it pressed against a wall anyway!

Add mirrors to create reflections and add space

Another key way to modernise your living room is to create reflections. Did you know that reflections can make a room look bigger? Makes sense doesn’t it! Therefore, mirrors are the perfect assets if your living room is smaller in size. The popularity of large feature mirrors is always growing, and we know why! These pieces can add a feature accent to any room, and can ultimately make the space look more open and brighter due to the reflections that they create. More than one mirror in a room is more than acceptable, however, watch not to overdo it! Too many reflections can create a lot of complications in the room placement, and can bring on a sore head! So, make sure that you place them strategically!

Wall mount your TV

Does anyone even use TV stands nowadays? In our opinion, they remind us of the box TV days, and that is generally something that we would love to forget about. With so many advancements in technology, it is only right to place the TV a certain way in our homes, and that is by wall mounting them. Why splurge a large amount of money on a TV when you aren’t showing it off on your wall? A TV can also be a perfect addition to a feature wall. A sleek flat screen TV can look great against an abstract style of wallpaper which is the perfect way to easily modernise your living room. However, the difficult part can be wall-mounting the TV. To avoid damage to the TV and the surrounding area (oh, and yourself) make sure that you call in the professionals. Click here for TV wall mounting services. You will be surprised at how put together your living room will look after making the change from a TV stand to the wall.

Stick to two to three colours

When planning out your modern living room design it is important to ensure that you do not have too many ideas for the colour settings. Our advice to you is to stick to around two colours with an additional colour in mind to create a pop in the room! For example, black and grey with a few lime green features or beige and black with a few orange features. The pop of colour allows for some slight texture to be added to the room space as sometimes, two continuous colours or shades can make the room look quite bland with a lack of dimension. Too many colour features, on the other hand, can make the room space look cluttered and jumbled, and believe us, this will not pass for a modern room design. If you are indecisive about colour schemes, luckily for you, the internet is a large place and can provide a lot of inspiration. Check out platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest to gather some inspiration for your modern living room design.

Add greenery

Finally, adding greenery is another way to improve your living room setting drastically, and it is an inexpensive method too. Medium-sized plants can be purchased for as little as £3 and can make a huge difference in adding a pop of colour and life to the room. Plants, alongside being extremely aesthetically pleasing, offer several health benefits too, so what’s not to love! If you are not big on upkeep, you can always opt for artificial plants that will do the trick too!

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