Taiba Sheheryar Supports Canadian Fashion Brands

We spotted Canadian-Pakistani model Taiba Sheheryar supporting Canadian fashion brand M Boutique on social media. She was looking stunning in her photos. In one, Taiba was wearing a casual, light-blue cotton crop top with long sleeves, a pair of ripped jeans, and Dr. Martens  black and brown boots. In another, Taiba got sexier in her white, flared pants and a backless green top.


On her Instagram page, @taibasheheryar, Taiba explained why she loves M Boutique. “They have everything: clothing, a wonderful selection for curvy women, beauty products, and accessories. M Boutique is always on trend and has the best quality. The brands it carries are unique, and their prices are reasonable. I love the vibe of M Boutique and the staff because they are so friendly and helpful. M Boutique has Canada’s #1 fashion-forward stores. The really amazing thing about them is that you can call them and tell them what you want, and they will make your outfit ahead of time. You can just go in later, try it on, and purchase it. This saves a lot of time for everyone but especially for professional ladies who have hectic schedules. Isn’t that incredible service?”


Taiba has been very concerned about the Canadian fashion industry during this time of COVID-19, so she has been supporting Canadian brands to help them get through these tough times. She does not just talk about helping the brands – she actually buys from them. “These are tough times for the fashion world in Canada,” Taiba says. “I want to buy from Canadian brands so that I can contribute to their success. Support Canadian fashion!”

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