Switzerland to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana

Do not grow and sell

Growing and selling weed is currently banned in Switzerland, although public health authorities have recognized the use of the drug is widespread. They also noted a large black market for this drug, in addition to research data indicating that most Swiss people support rethinking the country’s cannabis policy.

Cannabis trial

The pilot will begin at the end of the summer and will involve the local government. The University of Basel and the city’s psychiatric clinic Basel residents who are already consuming cannabis and are over the age of 18 can apply. However, the application process has not yet opened. Four hundred participants will be able to purchase a selection of cannabis products from the pharmacy they receive. the selection city ​​council said. If you want to open CBD shop, you must need to follow some rules.

They will then undergo regular surveys for two and a half years to determine how the substance affects their mental and physical health. Cannabis comes from Swiss Supplier Pure Production, legally licensed to be produced by Swiss authorities for research purposes. Anyone caught transferring or selling marijuana will be punished and expelled from the scheme. The Federal Public Health Office said.

Hemp oil: what medical users should know After the expiration of the marijuana possession notice

During this transition period, several agencies were experimenting with growing cannabis to produce oil extracts. Pharmaceutical Organization, which is one of them. It was revealed today (16 May) that 140 medical-grade cannabis plants that began to be planted in February under a project to produce a prototype medical cannabis extract have begun to bloom. It will take 8-10 weeks to produce sublingual cannabis oil extract.

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There are three formulations of cannabis oil produced by the FDA: THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which has soothing and pain-relieving properties, and CBD (Cannabidiol), which has anti-nausea, vomiting, and wound-inflammation properties. which is a drug in the treatment of different diseases

The produced cannabis oil will be used in clinical trials with the first 2,500 bottles for patients at the end of July by the Department of Medicine and related agencies. You will consider how to get patients to apply next week. You will get all products in CBD shop.

In addition to the Pharmaceutical Organization, other agencies, such as the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine. Faculty, many pharmacy universities cooperate with cannabis production groups as well. And sell it in a CBD shop.

For patients who have used and needed to use medical marijuana before, the government requires that marijuana possession be declared. What must be done to avoid breaking the law, which stipulates the penalties for possession of narcotics category five craton, marijuana, which is imprisonment for not more than five years or a fine of not more than 100,000 baht, or both? BBC Thai collects answers to this question.

What should I do if I have to use cannabis oil after 21 May?

“Will the cannabis oil used to be clean and safe? Will there be any penalties? Hit with the drugs that are used?” is a concern of Areeporn Khiao-Aram, a 53-year-old former government official who has been suffering from cancer for 13 years since breast cancer. Lung and is currently treating liver cancer. continually

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Areeporn told BBC Thai that I recently started trying a bottle of cannabis oil from a friend. It is used in conjunction with a specific active cancer medication that must be taken monthly. But after using cannabis oil, it was found in a blood test last month. Inflammation of the liver decreased. And make sleep better,

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