Sunglasses have always served a singular self-explanatory purpose: to block out the sun from our line of sight. The first ever sunglasses were made by the Chinese. This dates back to the 12th century when sunglasses were made from slabs of quartz! These quartz slabs had a slit in the middle that allowed the user to see the outside world.

The extravagance and purpose of such eyewear have not died down at all! From men’s sunglasses to women’s coolers, the market has only been expanded to include so many types of glasses. As one might have guessed, eyewear is most definitely a vast market in Australia. It is summer all around in Australia, with the sun shining brightly in the Aussie outbacks and beaches!

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the revenue from the luxury eyewear market amounted to about $281 million in 2021! IBIS World predicts that the market size is expected to grow exponentially from 2022 – 2026. This is a famous market in Australia that sells around 7 million pairs of glasses every year!

What are sunglasses made of?

From being utility tools to protect against sunlight, today, sunglasses have become pivotal accessories that make or break an outfit. They are popularly sold in the markets and even used in many fashion ramp walks to upscale the look. There are over 30 types–men’s sunglasses are different from women’s and children’s!

Sunglasses are made in a way that is similar to reading or power glasses. However, the frames of sunglasses are usually made of injected plastic or acetate to be durable. Since sunglasses are used in a variety of settings, sometimes their frames are even made of wood! There is a complex process that precedes the manufacturing of sunglasses. However, the most crucial thing to note is the type of lenses that are used. Crooks glass is the most popular type of lens used for sunglasses. This contains cerium oxide, which helps in absorbing the ultraviolet radiations of the sun.

Types of sunglasses

There are many different styles and models of sunglasses. Although they all serve the same purpose, they come in different frames and are different for different outfits. Here’s a list of the most popular sunglasses and how they can be used:

  • Wayfarers: These glasses are back on the trending list. Wayfarers are casual sunglasses that are typically worn with jeans and a simple t-shirt. The lens is square-shaped with a bit of curve at the bottom. So it offers full-eye coverage as well as glint to your outfit.
  • Aviators: These are popular sunglasses for men. Aviators have a very different metal frame that holds an oval-shaped lens. The lens has a bar on top that runs parallel to the edge and adds a luxurious look to the wearer.
  • Round-shaped glasses: These are signature CEO-styled glasses that add an air of sophistication to anyone who wears them. Typically, it is fully rimmed with a plastic frame. The polycarbonate frame and gradient lens offer a cool look that colourfully reflects sunlight. These are worn more by women than men.
  • Rectangular glasses: These are highly professional glasses that measure the same on all sides and do not have any curvature. They offer extra sun coverage. These glasses are known to leave a strong impression and offer the user a retro feel. These glasses have thinner rims and thicker frames to provide an intense look. Premium warehouse of News.

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