Stripper Outfits- Tips to Choosing the Right Stripper Clothes

As a stripper, you know how important it is to not only have clothing that makes you look fantastic but to have clothing that leaves you feeling fantastic too. Here are our top tips on how to choose the right stripper clothes for you to ensure you stay feeling your best.

1. Choose clothes that make you feel good. 

First of all, it’s critical that you choose stripper clothes that make you feel your most confident. When you’re up on stage, you need to feel like your boldest and sexiest self. What better way to do than to wear clothes that empower you and make you feel like your the most badass woman in the world, let alone on stage? Everyone has their own unique style and feels best in something different so take a look around our collection to see what jumps out for you.

2. Prioritise your comfort. 

As well as feeling confident, it’s important to feel comfortable too. There’s no point looking sexy if you can barely move in whatever it is you’re wearing! When shopping for your new stripper clothes, prioritise outfits that offer flexibility and breathability. Do this by look at the fabric and materials and assess whether they’ll allow you much movement. While as a stripper your main job is to look good, you’re meant to be doing this while dancing. It’s going to be pretty hard to dance if theres no stretch or leeway in the fabrics you choose.

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3. Stand out from the crowd. 

If you want to make a statement compared to the other girls on stage, you’re going to need to stand out from the crowd. So take a look at what the other exotic dancers around you are wearing! Yes, they might look good but, more important, they all look the same. You want to wear something different to the rest of them so all eyes are drawn to you as this will add an air of curiosity around you. Luckily for you, we have an extensive and unique collection of exotic dancer outfits that come in a range of fun fabrics and designs.

4. Learn what colors work for you. 

Everyone has a signature color or shades that just suit them better than others. Whether your skin tone contrasts perfectly with white or whether green brings out your eyes – there’s the right color palette out there for everyone. Take some time to look into some of these colors and decide which ones you think make you look the best and which makes you feel more confident and sexy in general.

5. Understand your shape and figure. 

Like colors, there are certain styles of clothes that suit everyone. Take the time to research what sort of silhouettes and styles work best with your shape and look into how you might be able to accentuate your natural assets.

6. Priotise the quality of your pieces. 

I know that lingerie set you’ve just seen in the mall is gorgeous but is it good quality? As a stripper, you’re going to be constantly moving around and wearing the same outfits night after night to dance in. This means you’re going to want to invest in high quality, durable pieces that are made from forgiving fabrics. God forbid you’re halfway through a set and your bodysuit rips or your fishnet snags a tear in!

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