Start Your First Step To Sustainable Living: 6 Products To Embrace Now

Living sustainably has become more important than ever before. Leading a healthy, conscious and clean life will not only benefit us but the generations to come as well. In our day to day life we come across various things that are harmful to the environment and also cause harm to our bodies when used in the long run.

A sustainable life includes embracing sustainable living practices in our daily life. Most of the products we use inside our homes for the purpose of cleaning and sprucing the place contain a host of chemicals which adversely affect our bodies and also end up damaging our furniture. Instead of these chemical laden products, try out natural cleaning products that are herbal and organic. These products are clean and cruelty free, they are biodegradable and do not have toxins which make them a safe alternative even if you have pets in the house.

Here are 6 sustainable products that will help you lead a healthier and happier life:

1.     Natural Floor Cleaners

Since we mop the floors of our houses every single day, using natural floor cleaners will eliminate any chemicals that we come in contact with. These concentrates are herbal, made of plant extracts and naturally disinfect your house. They repel all kinds of insects while leaving your floors spotless. These are biodegradable in nature and will cause zero harm to kids and pets. Concentrates should be mixed in the correct ratio for optimum usage and should not come in direct contact with the skin, just as a precaution.

2.     Natural Insect Repellent

Monsoon season is right around the corner and with rains comes a lot of insects like lizards, mosquitoes and cockroaches. Avoid using chemical products like anti-insect sprays because they travel in the air and are harmful for humans. Instead, opt for herbal insect repellents which are safe, effective and easy to use. Natural cockroach repellent or insect repellents can be used liberally in and around the house once every ten days. These will not just kill the insects and bugs but ensure that they stay away for months. You can just spray them and leave the room for 20 minutes for the cleaner to do its job.

3.     Herbal Hygiene Products

Maintaining and living in a hygienic and clean environment is one of the most important things to do in the current scenario. Switching out over the counter products that contain microplastics and chemicals with herbal hygiene products is another way to adopt a more sustainable life. Things like a herbal hand wash, foam disinfectants, herbal hand sanitizer, toilet seat spray, herbal fruits and vegetables wash are all products that we can use in our daily life to avoid coming in contact with chemicals. These products are affordable, effective and help in maintaining hygiene on a day to day basis. Even when used for long periods of time these products don’t damage or dry out your skin which is another bonus.

4.     Herbal Gardening Products

People who are interested in gardening and maintaining their plants should opt for organic and natural gardening products. To keep away unwanted pests, fungi and other insects a herbal garden protection spray can be used. They can be sprayed on the plants and are safe to use even in indoor pots. These often contain aromatic oils that will leave your house smelling fresh and clean. A ready to spray solution, this will leave your plants protected for a long time from harsh weather conditions as well.

5.     Recycled Clothes And Bottles

One of the things that we quickly dispose of are plastic use and throw bottles that are available in the market. These bottles are extremely harmful to the environment as they are non biodegradable and cause pollution. Avoiding the use of plastic bottles and swapping them out for glass or stainless steel bottles will not only save money but also reduce unnecessary plastic wastage. Another eco-friendly living idea is to purchase clothes made of recycled materials or reuse/donate your clothes for as long as possible. These clothes feel and look just like normal clothes but are made of recycled plastic thereby reducing the amount of plastic present in the environment. Old clothes can also be used as cleaning mops around the house.

6.     Air Fresheners And Essential Oils

We often use air fresheners to get rid of funky smells around the house. These air fresheners travel in the air and end up reaching every corner of your home. Using herbal air fresheners is a great option for reasons such as:

  • They are anti-allergic. These contain no toxins or allergens that might end up aggravating your sneezes or hives.
  • They smell wonderful and are non toxic, making them safe to use arounds kids and pets.
  • They are 100% eco friendly and are made of clean ingredients.
  • They contain essential oils that will leave your house smelling fresh and come in various scents such as lemon, lavender, rose etc. these are known to calm nerves and can be used freely.

Sustainable living practices are small changes that we can adopt in our lives for a healthier and greener environment. Starting with these basic products and then leveling up from here will not only give you a sense of satisfaction but also a better life.

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