Spying On Whatsapp of Non-Rooted Android

There are number of spying services that seek to record all the Whatsapp activities of the target users through end-user’s phone. But all of them does spying on WhatsApp for rooted android phone only.

The parents and employers who are the victims of the Whatsapp usage abuse by the kids and employees look to have a comprehensive solution that can monitor each and every bit of communication performing on the Whatsapp of the target user.

But the problem comes when parents and employers looking to track their target user’s android phones. They look to have a fair insight into all the whereabouts of their target individuals for different purposes.

The parents look to spy on the kids for their protection from cyber bullying, harassment, cyber predating, sex offending, restricting their kids from inappropriate content, and protecting the interests of the family all the way.

The most common source of all such activities happening on the kids is the social networks, more specifically Whatsapp. Whatsapp-using kids are more prone to be exposed to criminals through unverified groups.

These groups have a large number of cyber criminals and kids offenders that seek to damage the child’s repute and moral values through getting into their close circle.

Besides this, employers also have growing concerns over the usage of Whatsapp by their employees on a non-rooted phone. This is because employers do not get any hint of the activities of their employees, whether they are aligned with the business policy and not damaging the business interests.

So, the idea of the parents and employers is to find an efficient solution that can spying on Whatsapp activities over non-rooted phones of their target users without any hint to them.

The best spying on Whatsapp solution for non-rooted android

Plenty of spying services are in place that look to record rooted phone Whatsapp activities over the target user’s phone. But no one of them has furnished the service for non-rooted phones.

The only service that is available to spying on Whatsapp of a non-rooted android phone is TheOneSpy. The service was incorporated in 2014 and doing excellent in all domains it is operating in.

It has state-of-the-art spying features that provides a fair view of the activities of the target user. Employers and parents can get hands-on the service by purchasing the license; they need to install the app on the target phone by physically accessing the device.

All the spying is done without any hint to the kid and employee because if the target user gets any hint of the activity, the purpose may not get served efficiently. Let’s have a look at the offerings of TheOneSpy.

Monitoring chats of target Whatsapp

The spy app allows reading, viewing, and monitoring all the chats of the target phone. The parent can do this to negate the likes of cyber bullying, harassment, sex offending, and cyber predating to the kids.

If some contact does not align with the standards of communication, the parent can even block these contacts for the sake of kid’s protection from these evils. Besides this, the employer is able to know the real-intentions of the workers about the business. Upon finding any suspicious activity, the employer can take necessary action.

Monitoring images and videos shared

The end-user can view all the images and videos shared over the network with the target user. The parent can even remove the specific content remotely if the same does not fulfill the moral standards of communication.

Listening to voice notes in real-time

All the voice notes exchanged with the target users over the platform can be listened to in real-time without any hassle.

Monitoring VoIP and video calls

All the VoIP and video calls can be listened to in real-time. These calls can also be recorded and saved to the online web portal if the end-user is not available to monitor upfront.

Screen recording

The screen recording feature of the spy app records all the activities performing live on the android phone screen.


The best spying on Whatsapp app for non-rooted phones is TheOneSpy. It records each and every bit of communication taking place over target Whatsapp and serves all the reservations and insecurities of the parents and employers.

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