Smart bidet. How to install a smart bidet.

Recently, the use of the bidet toilet seat has become more and more relevant. But the growing popularity also leads to a lot of doubts. We decided to look into this and came to GEBERIT’s chief technician. To answer all the questions and deal with these doubts.

Bidet toilets. Typical doubts when choosing. Breaking myths about bidet toilets.

Despite the fact that the smart toilet has long been on the market, there are still doubts and preconceptions about how good it is and how convenient it is to use in everyday life. Today we will try to dispel all doubts and answer frequently asked questions.

The first thing people say is that bidet toilets are very big, massive, and ugly. I understand where this question comes from. But look at our toilet models. You see that they are all elegant and not at all massive.  Some models even seem to float above the ground.  We managed to achieve this. The latest GEBERIT models look more and more like regular toilets. 

You can recognize it as a smart toilet only by opening the lid. Many models don’t even have buttons – they are ordinary toilets. Many models don’t even have buttons – they are regular toilets. These models are controlled by remote control or a smartphone.

How to install 

The prospect of any kind of plumbing work can be daunting, but there is no need to hire a professional to install a bidet toilet seat. Unlike stand-alone models, which require completely new plumbing lines, bidet toilet seats connect directly to your existing toilet plumbing.

This process is completed with a few simple hose connections and the addition of a special T-valve. This T-valve will be included in your bidet toilet seat, and once it is connected to your toilet supply line, that is all you need to have a fully working bidet.

  1. Remove the old toilet seat.
  2. Turn off the water supply to the toilet bowl.
  3. Install the T-valve in the existing supply line to the toilet bowl.
  4. Install the bidet toilet seat on the toilet bowl.
  5. Connect the bidet seat to the water supply.

The Japanese brand TOTO is a completely environmentally friendly product with a stunning design..

The underlying factor is the manufacturability of the products. Which makes it possible to keep the bathroom clean. In this way, TOTO creates a special environment, a kind of philosophy that keeps the bathroom clean and resistant to bacteria. Today, innovative technology is making revolutionary advances in all areas of life, disrupting even the traditional notion of hygiene and comfort in bathrooms and toilets. A sensational discovery was the invention of Japanese engineers and designers – the toilet bidet combo.


The Toto bidet is beautifully shaped and has a wider seat, which many people like. A separate remote control that mounts on the wall or can be stored anywhere on a shelf. When we open the toilet lid, we have a pre-humidification of the toilet bowl. This is done to cover the bowl with a film of water that prevents dirt from sticking. 

The bidet has a warm seat. After you sit on the toilet bowl, the deodorization function is automatically activated, which means air is taken from the toilet bowl, it goes through a filter, and fresh air comes out. Many TOTO models feature an intimate area flush from the front and back. Just press the intimate area flush control button and the silicone nozzle comes out the front, which prevents dirt from sticking to itself. The water is fed at a special angle so that contaminated residue, along with water, does not fall back onto the nozzle. You can also adjust the water pressure. 

There is a memory for two users, so we are not constantly pulling it. In addition, there is a pulsation mode and rinsing of the vast intimate area. After we wash, we do not need to use toilet paper, just use the dryer. Warm air is supplied to the toilet bowl. The temperature of this air is adjusted to dry comfortably. It takes about 40 seconds. After using the toilet for its intended purpose, we press the flush button and leave. This will cause the toilet to close the lid. 

If the power is out?

Any model has the ability to perform mechanical flushing by pressing the flush button in the wall. In any case, the toilet performs the most necessary function.

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