Six Reasons You Need To Get An Inflatable Kayak Australia For This Summer 

With Summer coming up and restrictions on travel easing around the country, we’re all itching to get out and explore again – and an inflatable kayak Australia is just what the doctor ordered for this year’s adventures. Camping is always more fun if there are plenty of activities you can enjoy and these wonderful devices are sure to boost your enjoyment of your next trip.

They’re A Great Way To Get Around 

One of the main benefits of an inflatable kayak Australia is that they’re a great way to get around. When you’re camping near a river, there isn’t always room to bring a larger boat and even if you can get it there, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find a way to get it into the water. An inflatable kayak Australia, however, can easily be launched anywhere making them great for paddling up and down the river during the day. Because of what they’re crafted from, your inflatable kayak Australia will also be incredibly durable so they can easily go anywhere that you could take a more traditional small boat.

They’re Versatile 

If relaxation is your goal, your inflatable kayak Australia has you covered here as well. Because they’re full of air, they’re a lot more comfortable than traditional smaller boat options, meaning you can use them as a floating sofa if you so desire. This is great for those afternoons where you simply want to soak up the sun and be soothed by the waves.

They’re Super Easy To Transport 

Another great perk of having an inflatable kayak Australia is that they’re incredibly easy to transport. Because they only grow to their full size once they contain air, your inflatable kayak Australia can simply be deflated and folded up when it’s time to move it from a to b. This is particularly useful for those who don’t have roof racks or a trailer (or require that space for other equipment) as it means you can easily pop your boat in the boot or back seat of your car.


Storage Is Simple And Easy

This also translates to our next point as it’s much easier to store a folded up inflatable kayak Australia than it is a full size rigid version. Where before you would have required dedicated storage for these camping accessories they can now be packed down into a space as small as a drawer. This is great for those who need more space for their other toys are simply limited for storage space.

They’re Incredibly Easy To Repair

Camping accessories are, by nature, prone to getting damaged. We take them out to the middle of nowhere with us and expect them to stand up to a lot more punishment than we would dare dish out to many of our other belongings. Because of this, it’s important that they’re easy to repair – especially if they’re something important and you need a quick fix while you’re out bush to ensure that your adventure stays safe and happy. Luckily, an inflatable kayak Australia is quite simple to repair. As long as you have a patch kit that’s suitable for your model you can be up and running without any external assistance. 

They’re Light As Air 

Finally, because they’re literally full of air, they’re nearly as light as it. This means that you can pop your inflatable kayak Australia in a backpack or similar carry device and take it anywhere you please. Those who like to hike will find this particularly beneficial but it’s also great for those who may struggle to pull heavier objects out of the water. 

For these reasons, and many more, we believe that an inflatable kayak Australia is the perfect camping accessory for any family this year.

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