SAP Business One License-Things to Know

SAP Business One is an ERP software from the SAP, which has been developed by the global software company as a business solution for the small and medium enterprises (SME). It is business solution that helps the small businesses to improve on their current system of processes so that they are able to compete with the larger players in the sector they operate, the investment they make in regards to the implementation and running of the SAP B1 is less in comparison to the returns it brings, however one has to understand a few things on the licensing part.

Let us discuss few things on the SAP Business One licensing part, SAP Business One offers two options on licensing and you can choose the one that suits your objectives and finances

  • One-time License: License at a one-time cost, which can be paid up-front.
  • License as a Subscription: License fees are paid per user per month annually.

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Benefits of SAP Business One Licensing as a Subscription Model

  • Getting the SAP Business One licensing as a subscription is much cheaper than buying it as a one-time purchase
  • SAP Business One license can be easily adjusted annually. You will be able to easily modify the number of the licenses to be taken for the year
  • Instead of stressing about how to arrange the capital for that one-time purchase, the subscription pricing will be allowing you get the software faster.

SAP Business One offers subscription pricing for all the license types, professional user licenses, limited user licenses and starter package user licenses, buying SAP Business One license using the subscription model is much less than what one would pay for a one-time purchase, especially in the starting years, however while you run a cost benefit analysis over long term one-time purchase works out to be cheaper than the subscription based model.  Even with the subscription based model the user has two options 1. Purchase the Subscription license and hosting the software on cloud 2. Purchase the subscription license and hosting the software on premise.

In a one-time purchase, you pay one-time fee, and some fees for support and maintenance, a company has to take many of things into perspective before they opt for one of the options, and not hold any of the incorrect assumptions. Therefore, there is no right or wrong option, you need to select the licensing option that works best for you and is good for the strategic future of your business, however License as a subscription model is growing fast over the recent years. You can get the best advice on this from your software vendor.

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