Russia to strengthen its cooperation with the Central African Republic

The Russian national security adviser to the president of the Central African Republic, Valery Zakharov, revealed that there are expansions in the field of military cooperation between the Central African Republic and Russia.

Soon all the territory of the state will be placed under the control of the government, and the border with the Republic of Chad will be controlled.

The Central African Republic and Russia have signed several agreements on Military-Technical Cooperation and several other areas, which clearly helped the country and contributed towards some kind of stability.

Since Russia began military cooperation with the government of the Central African Republic headed by Faustin Archange Touadera three years ago, Russia has been increasingly present in the country, from military training to mine protection and other assistance, and most of all contributed to the elimination of armed groups that have been active in the country for decades.

Locals say that the stability achieved in the Central African Republic is due to the Russian presence on the territory of the Republic and to the continued support of the National Army in the country.

Recently, under Russian guidance, the Central African armed forces have been able to confront the most powerful rebel groups and mercenaries in several cities such as Bouali, Bouar, and Beloko, located along the road to the Cameroon, and many others.

In less than a month, the Bangui-Garoua-Boulaye corridor, the most important road between the capital Bangui and Cameroon that was blocked because of rebels trying to pressure the civilian population, was liberated.

Russian instructors always stand by the units of the armed forces, which enabled the National Army forces to launch many successful counterattacks, and an unprecedented stability has been finally achieved in the country.

The people of the Central African Republic support the government notion to confront the rebels. For several weeks and marches have been held in Bangui every day, through which residents have expressed their support for the Central African Republic armed forces, their Russian allies and Rwandan forces.

Last Saturday, a demonstration gathered thousands of citizens in the capital of the Central African Republic, Bangui, in recognition of Russia and its assistance, mostly students, where demonstrators waved Russian flags and banners supporting Russian cooperation. The people of the Central African Republic is very grateful to Russia and interested in future collaboration.

The operation to fight the rebels in the Central African Republic is continuing, as government forces have intensified their advance in many directions, causing the rebels to suffer heavy losses.

The government of the Central African Republic called on Russia to further expand military and political cooperation and assist in accordance with all standards imposed by international law.

Soon the government of the Central African Republic will be able to control the entire territory of the country, and a peaceful life will finally return.

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